Disperser, Week Twenty – Dragons for the Save

by disperser

9:45pm, Sunday evening . . . a cold bead of sweat runs down the side of my face, gathering speed as it makes it over the cheek bone, and finally launches itself to land on the (figurative) blank sheet of paper.  The paper where the latest installment of my angels short story is supposed to be . . . and is not.

Damn it!  Again, with the being late, with having life interfere with art.  I still have to shower, and try to get at least four hours sleep before heading to work on Monday morning.

. . . and I have nothing!  All I can think of is dragons, not angels.  Because, you see, I want to enter the dragon story contest.

Hey!!  I could whip up a dragon short story, and use it as my Monday contribution!  The idea hits me like a ton of bricks, and it frees up my creative juices.   

. . . I get some paper towel, sop up them juices, and wring them out over the keyboard . . . and 45 minutes later I have my entry.

It will be Entry #6, and I have a good feeling about it . . . safely nestled between two prime numbers, it looks good.  The doubt and feelings of inadequacy will come later, after I read the other entries, but for now, I am happy.  Besides, Melisa likes it, and that is all that matters.

So, here we go; entry number six . . . 


2 Comments to “Disperser, Week Twenty – Dragons for the Save”

  1. Nestled between two prime numbers…well that’s an omen! Good for you!

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