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February 12, 2013

Whisper Moon (Episode VI) – Sanctuary

by darkjade68

Whisper Moon – Sanctuary

MalibuWhisper Moon

by DarkJade

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Episode VI – Sanctuary

Santa Monica, California

The 10 Freeway Heading North

February 28th, 2012


Jonan, Allissa and Marin are sitting in the back of a black Range Rover heading north on the Santa Monica 10 freeway.

Paul is driving.

Marin is sleeping on Allissa’s lap.

“Sooo… Where was it we’re heading again?” asks Allissa.

“An underground home in the canyons near Malibu beach…” Jonan calmy replies as he clicks away on his iPad.

“Anddd… You’re selling that huge house in the Hamptons?”she questions.

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