Love Is Good… But It Isn’t Always What You’d Expect It To Be

by darkjade68

love-wallpaperLove Is Good… But It Isn’t Always What You’d Expect It To Be

It’s funny, I was feeling a bit blue today, and I couldn’t quite figure out why… I’m still not sure actually… But it started to occur to me that Valentine’s Day was tomorrow, and perhaps it’s a Subconscious thing, yah know.

And so I thought it might be a good time to do a Love-Esq Post, Lol

love1 kissValentine’s Day

To me Valentine’s Day means different things… I know many Write it off as another ‘Commercial’ Holiday… But I don’t quite think of it that way.

Growing up it meant making, or giving Valentine’s Day Cards to people at School… When I was Really Young that is… Which is/was, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Good if you got one from a Girl you liked (I’ve had Crushes on Girls since the age of 5, Lol… No Girl Hating Stage for me)… And Bad if you gave one to a Girl that you liked, and she kind of looked at yah like… Oh… Uh… Thanks, Lol

I don’t quite remember that ever happening to me, but I know that it happened to some people.

Truth is, I was just Shy as Hell when I was in school… So I played it kind of low key.

In my Teens and Twenties, I noticed that what came most from Valentine’s Days, was ‘Pressure’, and ‘Expectations’… To me, this wasn’t very Romantic… Instead I basically felt like I was being tested on Valentine’s Day, and half the time Failed… Once again, Not Romantic, Lol

I’d have to say the Best Valentine’s Days I have ever spent were with my Wife of One Year, who was My Girlfriend for One Year before that… So basically we spent two VDay’s’ Together… I planned on taking her to this expensive Italian Restaurant, where it was First Come First Served… And it ended up the wait was going to be at least a couple hours.

So My Girlfriend at the time, Wife Later, and I somehow decided to ditch the Expectations of the Night, and head to a Denny’s Restaurant, Lol… Those of you that don’t know what a Denny’s is, it’s basically a Coffee Shop, Lol

So we ate, then we Ordered this Huge Banana Split… Or Hot Fudge Sunday, I can’t remember… I think it was a Banana Split… And Split it… We had such an Awesome Time, that we decided we’d go to Denny’s Every Year, Lol

And we did the next year, and it was once again Awesome… This time it was at a Denny’s Overlooking Portland, Oregon… Phenom View…  Sadly we only lasted a couple years, but still those Valentine’s Days were the Best.

love_kissLove At First Sight

Unlike many, I actually Believe in ‘Love At First Sight’… Why you ask?

Because it happened to me twice, Lol

The first girl I ended up Dating for 8+ years (Though not until five years after I had fallen in love with her, because she was with someone else when I met her, Lol)

And the Second Time was with the Girl I Married one year later… For a year, Lol

I know, I know there’s different kinds of Love… And I know that generally the Deeper Love comes the more/longer that you know someone… However, I did Experience Love for each of the Girls Immediately… But then again, I am a Softy, Lol

love1Broken Heart

Now Broken Hearts I have definitely had my share of… First of all, I’ve been ‘In Love’ 4 Times…

My First and I grew apart… So that was more of a ‘Slow Breaking’ of the Heart…

My Second was Very Powerful, but Short, with my Best Friend of Two Years… That was My Biggest Heart Break of all… Probably because we had been Best Friends for two years, and only dated 3 or 4 months… Or maybe it’s just because she was Great.

My Third was with the Girl I Married, which I have Zero Regrets about… She was Amazing. Was My Heart Broken? I think so… But it didn’t hit me for like 9 Months after she left. Then WHAM! Horrible, Lol

And My Fourth I was with for 4 1/2 years, and would have Married her at some point, if given the chance. My Heart was Definitely Broken from this one… I basically wanted to be with her forever… Not only that, but I was In Love with her the whole 4 1/2 years, unlike my 8+ year Relationship, where I think I may have fell out of love after a couple years… Didn’t realize it until after we weren’t together though…  She was my First Love, so I just wasn’t experienced enough to realize that we weren’t in love anymore.

But Enough of My Sob Stories, Lol

What about you? What does Valentines Mean to you?

Just another Cheesy Commercialized American Holiday? Roses and Chocolates? An Excuse to Spoil the one you Love? A Reminder of the Loves, or Love you’ve Lost? A Reminder of the Love you have yet to Achieve?

Either way, I Wish All of you a Lovely Valentine’s Day Tomorrow… Whether it’s Spent Alone, or with Friends, or with a Romantic Partner



10 Comments to “Love Is Good… But It Isn’t Always What You’d Expect It To Be”

  1. American holiday? You guys always want to take credit for EVERYTHING 😉 Although in fairness, the Americans probably make more of celebrating it than anywhere else! I’m not particularly romantic, I like to mark the occasion in some way with my man, but neither of us are into big romantic gestures or anything!

    • Lol, I thought I might get in trouble when I said that, but yeah, I assumed we celebrate it a bit different… Meaning, more of the Commercial stuff, tons of cards and candies in our stores every year… Wasn’t sure they did that as much in Europe.

      Thanks for the Comment Venessa


  2. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU!!! Muah! Lots of love, Emily 🙂

  3. I am SO not a holiday person for this reason. Every day is a reason to be grateful for something. We don’t need all these “special” days to bring up anxiety in people or undue pressure or whatever. Yes, some people really love this holiday and most others. Great! But do these appreciate all the days in between? I’d rather be mindful every day than go all bonkers every so often.

    Get through it. It’s just another day… 🙂

    • Aye, for me Holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween have some of their meaning because I’ve known them all my life, yah know… For me, Christmas was Great as a Kid, but in a way it’s even better as an Adult, as I see people I don’t get an opportunity to see during the year… Certain relatives come out of the word work, and not only that, we’re all together at once, which is fun. Singing Christmas songs in the Living Room Etc. But I have a lot of Singers, and Musicians in my family, which might make it more of a natural occurrence for us.

      Halloween was great as a kid, but kind of lost it’s meaning as I got older… I mean, Costume Parties are fun, but only did a few of those… Beyond that, I do carve a pumpkin on occasion… But part of that might be that kids stopped coming to our house, do to safety issues… Meaning, they started to go to malls where the stores gave out candy, because it was safer for the kids than going to strangers houses… Kind of sad really.

      But Valentines Day has really been a mixed bag for me as I described above… Fun when I was a kid, but only really enjoyed it a couple times as an adult.

      Christmas is my Big one… But it’s not because we’re only Thankful and/or Appreciative on that day, it’s more because like I say, I get to see people I don’t normally get to… And also get to see all, or many of my favorite people, all at once… We celebrate Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day, once the kids grew up.

      I know what you mean about being Thankful all the time… Because I am Thankful like you on a daily basis… Christmas is just a Bonus for me… Plus I Love to Cook, and Generally do the whole Thanks Giving Dinner thing for my Family… They add things as well.

      Thanks for your comment Lorna


      • I remember Valentine’s Day as a kid and the stress of the competition: who will get the most valentine’s cards? And which ones will you get? Maybe it’s because I’m a REALLY sensitive person, but the stress was overwhelming. I would either be elated or deflated depending on those silly little cards.

        Funny how these memories stick with you and pop up unexpectedly. I just thought of that this morning…

        • I remember paying attention to those things as well… But, like I say, I was Super Shy when I was a kid… So in a certain way, the less attention the better… But I still liked when a girl that I liked gave me a card, or when I gave them a card.

          Fortunately, I wasn’t a competitive kid, never have been… Which I suspect makes life a little bit easier, especially when you’re a kid.

          Trauma, Trauma, Trauma, Lol Public School Sucked… I had bigger things to worry about than Holidays, Lol


  4. An excuse to spoil someone I love. Especially that we are not yet together but I want it to be so. Lol!
    Truly, Valentine’s is just a normal day, except that this year my friends and I all brought chocolates at school and ate them all 🙂 It was fun!

    • Nothing wrong with a Day to remind us how important someone special is to us… It doesn’t mean that it’s a more important day than any other, it’s just that sometimes we get so busy, or caught up in other things in life, that we forget to let them know.

      So I’ve got no problem with VDay… But I understand why others don’t like it

      Cool about the Chocolate, Lol

      Thanks for your Comment Evil


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