Dragons Fall In Love Too!! Plus Valentine’s Day With JT & JZ, What Could Be Better, Right?

by darkjade68


Dragons Fall In Love Too!! Plus Valentine’s Day With JT & JZ, What Could Be Better, Right?

I know what you’re thinken…. Where in $#@! did he find a Heart Shaped Dragon Picture?

Ok, maybe not… Truth is, I couldn’t tell you where I got it… But I can tell you amongst my Dragon-esq Focus lately, I came across it, and saved it for such an occasion… As… Well, Valentine’s Day, Lol

I know what else you’re thinken, Is this some kind of ‘Valentine’s Day Writing Contest’ Subliminal, ok not so Subliminal, Marketing Effort for the Currently ongoing “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest?

And you’d be Right… Partially… The part where the Dragon Picture Comes into it that is.

And on that Note, BE SURE TO ENTER! Only 3 Days Left, and we’ve got 10 Entries So Far!

So lets get the Business Part of the Post out of the way, so we can get to the Entertainment Portion

“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

The Rules

Entries, Contest Updates Etc.

The Award Badges



On with the Entertainment

Now I admit, I actually became a Justin Timberlake Fan back when he did this song, and I Liked the Video too

Heartbreak Portion Of The Post

Before that, I thought he was… Eh

And I’ve never been a JZ Fan… Truth was, I was, and still am, Neither Here, nor There about JZ… No offense to those that like em.

Anyway, Justin Tiberlake, or J.T., is making some more music, which I got a taste of whilst watching the Grammys, which wasn’t all that bad this year… Better music out there than there was a few years ago.

Anyway, Justin just came out with his New Song, and Video, which includes JZ in it… I’ll let you be the judge.

The Men In Suits, Woman In Lingerie Portion Of This Post

Ok, so I don’t mind the Old Big Band/Rat Pack kinda Stylized thing… And the Song’s alright… Yah know… Listenable

But no offense, but I’m thinken the JZ Crew had something to do with the Woman in Lingerie with Water Pouring over them Portion of the Video, which I really could have done without, Lol

Talk about Cheesy, Lol

But hey, this isn’t a Song Review, IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!!

So, anything goes… Right?



One Comment to “Dragons Fall In Love Too!! Plus Valentine’s Day With JT & JZ, What Could Be Better, Right?”

  1. Adjust in timbre, laike, or let the contest drag on? Heartily approve of the illustration, though.

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