“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest – Entry Eleven

by darkjade68

“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

Entry Eleven

by Caddo Veil


Lost Dragon Dreams~~


Blue clouds of thunder

Filled the air, then—dawn through night.

An endless wilding;

Lifetime, spent; dragons rampaged,

Owned the borders forested….


She thought she’d left all

Mem’ry behind, far ago—

When knights waged battle,

Razed, laid waste to, the land; and

Chaos stole her sanity.


But in dreams, she still

Hears roar of rioting heart-

Beats, clamorous feet;

Smells the smoky incensed breath

In the wake of raging flames.


Most fearsome, creatures—

To royalty, common folk—

With one exception:

The widower king’s daughter—

Of companionship, bereft.


A walk past gardens

Drenched in grayest summer rain,

There—chanced meeting came.

Quiet and resplendent, he

Rose up from sleep’s reclining.


So immense, he was —

Tall as her turreted wall;

Twice its length, perhaps.

Her innocent gaze surmised—

So long, she’d been closeted.


Told only frightful

Tales (not to entertain her)—

She found his solemn

Grandeur beyond confiding:

Heavy-lidded onyx eyes,


Brief-sparked with fire flecks,

Coppery silver, glist’ning;

Regal, sharp-crowned head

Canted to her, curious—

Appraising this mute girl-child.


Splendid robe of scales,

He wore:  glimmer-jade, sapphire—

Mist-washed peacock plumes.

Emitting steam, he whispered,

Bid her, “Pray, tell me your name”.


Such courtly manners!

No beast would ever speak thus—

This, she considered.

‘Tis how their friendship began—

Born, kept, in shadowed quiet.


Quaint heart exchanges—

Trivial, significant,

Shared on afternoons;

Stolen days from sep’rate lives,

Braided cords from diff’rent threads.


Hidden hours, sacred

Made—pure fruit of legends, fierce;

Loneliness of souls.

But, secrets must come to light—

The deep’s release, to surface.


Alas, war ensued—

Her father’s army pitted

Against dragon guard.

No mediation offered—

Though she beseeched, weeping dread.


Men born honor-bound,

Sometimes lack facile reason;

Merely speculate,

Imagine harm befallen—

Till it becomes “sure treason”.


The outcome, horrid—

Anticipated losses,

Yet immeasur’ble;

Hardly a blessed stone standing.

Aging princess now enthralled:


Chambered lunacy;

Fed bread, mead-sedated—grieved

Paternal absence;

But sorrows lingeringly—

Ever, for her dragon king.


When wand’ring minstrels

Lose their way, play mandolins,

Fluted notes so true,

She wakes to dream again—of

Nearest thing to love, she knew.


Words, dear myths, he spoke—

Come back, so haunting-tender.

Sky turns onyx night,

Stars flash his dragon colors—

Burnt emerald, indigo.


©Caddo Veil, 2013

2 Comments to ““There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest – Entry Eleven”

  1. What a hauntingly beautiful story!! I loved it and want to see the movie! Thanks for sharing and best wishes in the contest!

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