The Huntress – Chapter Two

by TByrd

The Huntress is also featured on my personal blog, Brautigan’s Girl. I hope you’ll take a moment to visit me there and learn more about my work, my cats, and my town. 

Chapter Two

Zoe pressed a few buttons on the console to complete the launch sequence as she sped away into space. Setting a course to Uthel, she checked over her shoulder to the man in restraints behind her. He rustled a little and then lay motionless. It would take several hours for him to regain consciousness.

She readied her communications and connected to the server at Uthel. “This is Zoeannima of The Black Swan, I have a message for Chancellor Toomale of the Celestial Syndacate,” she said.

“Ah, Zoe,” the familiar voice of Chancellor Toomale chimed. The video screen connected and Toomale’s smiling face appears above the console. “How does business fair?”

“Very well, Madam Chancellor,” Zoe answered. “The package has been secured.”

“I expected nothing less,” Toomale nodded in approval.

“I have just departed Planet Smount and will be landing on Uthel in approximately thirty-six hours standard time,” Zoe reported.

“Very good,” Toomale nodded. “I will make arrangements for your arrival.”

“Thank you, Chancellor,” Zoe bowed her head slightly and the communication cut out.

Zimmerman groaned. He would have moments of awareness from time to time and then succumb again to the paralyzing agent from her plasma riffle. She took a moment to check on him. He was secured behind a force field, but he was awake enough to lock eyes with her.

“Don’t try to move,” she said with force. “You have been hit with a plasma riffle and your brain has been temporarily disconnected with your motor functions.”

“Where?” he managed.

“You are on board my ship, The Black Swan. I am taking you to Uthel to stand before the Celestial Syndacate,” she answered.

He muttered something as he forced himself to focus.

“Don’t try to talk,” she answered with a hint of comfort in her voice.

“The Zephyrs,” slipped from his lips.


“They are coming,” he managed. His eyes rolled back and he returned to unconsciousness. His words left her shaken.


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