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February 16, 2013

Shakers or Jumpers..

by cobbies69

Sunday 17th February 2013

The New Forest Shakers or Walworth Jumpers (also Children of GodGirlingites or Convulsionists) were a new religious movement created by Mary Ann Girling in the 1870s in England. Originally from Suffolk, Girling preached the Second Comingcelibacychastity and communal life (a kind of Christian communism).

The Hordle Shakers…

In the nineteenth century, one group came to the particular notice of the public when Mary Ann Girling along with 164 followers moved to live in New Forest Lodge, Vaggs Lane, in Hordle. Previously the sect has been base din the Walworth Road, in east London and claimed that they died with conversion, and were then reborn to eternal life. They met in a rented railway arch where in 1871 ‘nearly 3000 people came to see the excitement caused by the dancing, prophesying and trance utterances of the sect known as the Walworth Jumpers.They were also called the Girlingites or English Shakers.’ 51 In 1873 Mrs Girling had a vision that they should move to the New Forest and, with the help of a wealthy patron, the property in Vaggs Lane was bought, with a small mortgage.However, because the strict rules of the sect prohibited the members from working, the mortgage remained unpaid and ‘on a bitterly cold night of December 1894, in the rain, sleet and snow, 60 flimsily dressed women, 35 men and 45 children were evicted. All the furniture was left along a half mile stretch of Vaggs Lane. It included 3 pianos, 77 beds, boxes of eggs,butter and vegetables valued at about £1,000 and worthless by the end of the night.



The group continued to live in the Hordle area for a further 11 years, leasing fields, or camping by the roadside, and using an old barn as a chapel. They still maintained that they were immortal, and were severely shaken by the first death in the group. However, Mary Girling’s health was also in decline and, in 1886, she died of cancer. She was buried in Hordle churchyard, amongst her followers, each grave having a yew tree planted at its head. Today nothing remains of the sect except a few yew trees and a small plaque fixed to the church wall, which reads ‘Mary Girling Leader of the Hordle Shakers, was buried here in 1886.’

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… this village apart from living in a nearby village was the knowing of and becoming great friends with Robert Isles, (Bob) who was the son of a butchers shop owner, and later became the owner himself. He started to follow us our band, at the time, and later started to roadie for us. But as time went by he showed he could also sing rock and roll and was extrovert enough to put on a good show. So for the next 9 months or so he fronted the band. But only on the heavy rock songs, otherwise the tambourine was his thing. However he actually lived in the same lane and told us about this, which his mother told him, at the time we were more into becoming rock stars. So unfortunately I cannot remember any details.

Some info via Wiki and or New Forest Traditions. Also some from my head..


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February 16, 2013


by Gaston Prereth

For all those waiting for the next instalment of Footprints, i’m very sorry to keep you waiting a few more days. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to write much this week and so haven’t had time to pen the next part. I may well see if I can post it before next Saturday so you don’t have to keep waiting too long. As this is the final week of the short story competition, I thought I would share with you an entry I submitted to another competition awhile ago. I’ve split it into two parts because it was a bit too long for one post, but I will put up the second part either during the week or next Saturday along side another chapter of Footprints.

The hand-held recorder slotted into the table socket with a delicate click followed by a perky electronic beep.

Francis, with his eyes half closed to obscure the real world, felt his memories of his wife floating around the room.  She drifted in front of him, picking up phantom objects while ghosting through real ones.   Occasionally she would flash from one place to another, as his memories were interwoven by the recorder.

One moment she would be sipping a cup of tea as she walked in from the kitchen and he’d feel the warm arms of contentment spread about him. Then, without warning, she’d be sitting on the sofa laughing at him returning from work soaked by a sudden downpour and he’d feel his cheeks warming with annoyance while despite himself his mouth twitched.

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February 16, 2013

Just Today And Tomorrow Left! “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

by darkjade68

Red_Dragon_by_igorvet 2

Just Today And Tomorrow Left! “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

Time is Running Out!

Only 2 Days Left (Today & Tomorrow) to Submit Your Entries!!

The Rules & Judges

The Award Badges

Most MagicalMost Imaginative

Most ScaryReaders Choice

The Entries So Far

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Submit! Submit!! Sumbmit!!, Lol

I want to Thank All the Entries so far, but if you still want to enter, do it Quickly!

Soon the Judges will be boarding a ship to the Moon, where there is a small base in which we will sit back and Read The Entries… Only to return, and Announce The Winners on Feb, 22nd!

Either that, or we’ll just E-mail one another with our Votes on the Three Different Categories, Lol

The Categories Voted On

Most Magical

Most Imaginative

Most Scary

Plus The Reader’s Choice Award, which I will Determine in a Few Different Ways

Good Luck One And All!