Disperser, Week Twenty-One – Old Enough to Drink

by disperser

Yup, 21 . . . this little corner of Legends Undying is now old enough to drink.

And, perhaps, I need one to steady my nerves as I tell you this . . .

. . . here I am, and yet another week of no material for “The Fall of Angels”.  What the heck is going on?!?!

Well, stories pull at me, and some are more insistent than others in wanting their time on the page.  Truthfully, The Fall of Angels has reached a difficult point, and I’m torn between a few possibilities.

But, while I’m torn, other stories get impatient, pushy, even.

So, this week I offer you two short stories (perhaps best characterized as flash fiction) regarding recent stuff rattling inside my head.


Hmmm . . . this is a shorter weekly intro than most . . . I should pad it a bit . . . perhaps a joke?  Nah; difficult to keep from insulting people these days; there are so many, and so few can laugh at themselves.

Perhaps some deep observation about the human condition.  Something about broccoli and summer squash . . . nope, I got nothing.

I know, I could post a photo of some kind.  Why, I take photos!  It could be one of mine!

But what?  What would fit here?  What would earn me a measure of respect?  It would have to be of high quality.  It would have to capture the imagination, move the soul, make people crap in their pants.

. . . er . . . maybe I’ll skip that last requirement.

I give you . . . Fire Wolf!!


This is an unretouched panorama from November of 2010.  It is a sunrise photo I snapped from where I work, in Woodland Park, Colorado.  The wind stretched a cloud to the eventual unmistakable shape of a wolf head (or maybe just a dog) as the rising sun illuminated the crap out of it.

For them interested in the whole sequence, click HERE.

OK, that seems to have filled out the intro nicely.  On with the stories.


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