Legends Undying – 2013 Week Seven Recap

by darkjade68

heart-wallpaper-love-10959423-1280-1024Legends Undying – 2013 Week Seven Recap

And so Our “There Be Dragons Here” Contest Entries are all in, And the Judges are Hard at Work with their Voting/Ranking Etc.

Results will be coming soon… “Officially Feb 22, if not sooner”.

On with Last Weeks Recap;


2/12/13 – Whisper Moon (Episode VI) – Sanctuary

2/13/13 – Beyond The Gate (Chapter Two)

2/15/13 – The Huntress – Chapter Two

2/16/13 – Fragmentation

Special Posts;

2/11/13 – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Valentine’s Posts

2/13/13 – Love Is Good… But It Isn’t Always What You’d Expect It To Be

2/14/13 – Our Love Is A Castle: A True Story

2/14/13 – Dragons Fall In Love Too!! Plus Valentine’s Day With JT & JZ, What Could Be Better, Right?

Contest Update Posts;

2/11/13 – 6 Days Left To Enter! 7 Entries So Far! “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

2/13/13 – Readers We Need Your Help! “There Be Dragons Here” Reader’s Choice Award!

2/16/13 – Just Today And Tomorrow Left! “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

2/17/13 – Less Than 10 Hours Left To Submit An Entry! “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

Sunday Posts;

2/16/13 – Shakers Or Jumpers

2/17/13 – Breaking News: Over 500-Year-Old Mystery Solved… Maybe

2/17/13 – Wok Noodles – Recipe

2/17/13 – Reading And Real Life


7 Comments to “Legends Undying – 2013 Week Seven Recap”

  1. Wow . . . we have to wait almost 11 months for the results? Well, OK.

  2. Śooner? Don’t tease me, bro!

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