Friday Live Streams

by darkjade68

trance 2Friday Live Streams

I just wanted to let you know that On Fridays I will be doing Live Streams via Twitch TV @

I messed around with Twitch a while back, and started to follow a couple Stations.

I Created a Channel for myself, but never whole heartedly tried to make a Station

Darth Helm

My Hope is to move towards doing some Live PodCasts at some point… My first will hopefully be one Discussing Films like Star Wars Etc.

First I need to pick up a Couple Co-Hosts, which may take some time… I’m not sure, haven’t tried before, Lol

I Studied Film Making from 2000-2003, followed by some Screenplay Writing 2003-2005, then took several years away from all of it. When I came back, I started My Writing Blog, “The Written Word”, and began Pursuing Writing Books.

The Film Maker is still very alive within me though, and I thought Creating a PodCast Discussing Films would be a Blast.

If you’d like to Follow The Channel so that you’re Notified when I’m Casting, just head to, and Click Follow…

At the moment I’m just Casting some Live Trance Music, which I will likely do on Fridays… As well as other Types of Music… I may even take some Requests… But at a Later Date I hope to be doing PodCasts where we actually Talk on there, and there’s a Chat Area for Watchers to Interact with us.

Anyway, I just wanted to Pass on this FYI… If any of you are interested in Listening to Live Music Casts, Hit the Site, and Click Follow… Or if you’re Interested in Future PodCasts, do the Same

Thanks Guys

Have A Good Weekend!

DarkJade Out-


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