Longer Life… Better Life – Potato Ball? Are You Kidding Me

by darkjade68

PotatoBallsLonger Life… Better Life – Potato Ball? Are You Kidding Me

About a year ago or so, I got some blood work done, and found out my Blood Sugar bordered on Diabetic. Not a Huge Surprise, though a kind of a bummer of a one… But being I have Diabetics on both my Mom, and Dad’s side of the Family, I wasn’t completely Surprised. Though Diabetes doesn’t have to run in your Family to get it… At least Type 2, don’t know quite as much about Type 1. Actually I don’t know all that much about either, Lol

Lowering My Blood Sugar


So the first thing I did was Remove Regular Soda, and Juice from my Diet.

Both are High on Sugars.

Yes, you get Vitamin C From some Juices, and in the case of Orange Juice, a Whole Hell of a lot of Potassium (Something I noticed along the way).

But, I needed to Lower My Blood Sugar, so by by Soda and Juice.

???????????????????????????????????????In it’s place I started to Drink a lot of Water, which of course, they say you should do anyway. 8 Glasses a Day? Not goina happen, Lol I also started Drinking something that I’ve never liked to drink, and that is Ice Tea.

Truth be known, when I was a kid, used to drink like a Half a Gallon of Milk a day, Lol Well, maybe not quite that much… But that’s what I remember.

In the case of Milk, I wasn’t drinking a half gallon a day anymore, Lol… But I still reduced what I was drinking because it has ‘Lactose’ in it, which is another form of Sugar… Beware of those ‘Toses’, Lol Fructose, Lactose Etc.

?????????????????????Another thing I did was Reduce the amount of Breads, and Pastas that I ate. Yes, I even started eating ‘Lettuce’ Sandwiches (With something in the middle of course, Lol), Lol Which weren’t all that bad.

The result? I successfully lowered my Blood Sugar back within the None Diabetic Numbers, and to my surprise these changes caused me to loose like 22 Pounds, Lol That wasn’t the goal, but it did indeed happen.

Once the doc saw that I had lowered my Blood Sugar, he then said, Hmm, your Triglycerides are high. Lol Can’t catch a break, right? Lol (By the way, he also looked back at a previous blood test where my Triglycerides were even higher, but he hadn’t noticed. Removing Soda, Juices and for the most parts Breads and Pastas had reduced my Triglycerides 40% as well)

Diet is perhaps the most apparent contributing factor in triglyceride levels. The excessive intake of sugar and starchy or caloric foods directly raises triglycerides.

Lowering My Triglycerides

So I decided to shift my Focus From Sugars, to both Sugars and Carbs… Sugars have a lot of Carbs, but High Carb Foods also Convert to Sugar, so, yeah.

As it turns out, many things have an exorbitant amount of Carbs… Such as Refried Beans, and even Certain Vegetables have more than others… Same with Fruit.

And so now I pay attention to which Vege’s, and Fruits I eat… Hardly Eat Corn (High in Carbs), or Refried Beans. Go online and check it out, it’s pretty interesting.

The other things that cause issues are too large of portions… And late at night eating.


So I try to control Portion Size… It’s better to eat several smaller portions, than just a few or a couple large ones. Not new news, right?

Alright, so after this continued focus (I don’t eat Lettuce Sandwiches anymore by the way, it was a great way to bring things down, but after that I shifted to either using one piece of bread (Instead of two), or a flower tortilla)

And with the Ice Tea what I started doing to help me with the boredom of it (I drink only Herbal Ice Tea by the way, try to avoid Caffeine), was to put like 1/8 Lemonade into the Ice Tea (I used a Lemonade that has less sugar than many of them).

I haven’t had a test in a while, so I’m not sure how my Triglycerides are doing, but hopefully better. I have lost a few more pounds though… But basically I’m maintaining at the moment.


Ok, so yeah, so here’s the thing… We had a Family Gathering last night, and My Cousin’s Girlfriend, who always brings interesting things, brought a bunch of Cubin Food from a Restaurant near her… And one of the items were POTATO BALLS! Lol Here’s the thing, Growing up, Mashed Potatoes were one of My Favorite Foods… These days I don’t eat a lot of Potatoes (High in Carbs), but these things… Basically Deep Fried Breading with Mashed Potatoes and Meat in the Middle, Lol

I’M IN!! Ate Two, Ha

Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t break the rules sometimes, but man, just knowing these things exist, Lol

Have a Great Sunday


PICTURE CREDITS – Kartoffel Kroketten, Cola Or Juice, Ice Tea & Water, Bread, Pasta And Rice

9 Comments to “Longer Life… Better Life – Potato Ball? Are You Kidding Me”

  1. Grats man. That takes a lot of self restraint and hard work. Breaking the rules sometimes makes those foods all the more worth it 😉

    • Fortunately I’ve always liked both healthy food, and junk food… I just like food, ha

      Mostly it took Focus for me… But you’re right, it makes the times you break the rules all the better

      Thanks for the Comment Story


  2. The key is moderation and will power. Sounds like you have a handle on both. 🙂 -Kim

  3. Ha! I thought you were going to say that it turned out potato balls have an amazing effect of regulating blood sugar! That would be a thing wouldn’t it, hehe. Sounds like you’re doing a good job of adjusting and taking care of your diet. I have low blood sugar so I have to watch things like that too because that can be a precursor to diabetes later.

  4. Food is medicine or poison. I found that out. My diet is very strict and I feel better for it. Sure, I’d love to eat like “normal people” and I get sick of answering the question “What can you eat?” when I say that I’m vegan and I don’t eat any sugar, gluten, or processed anything. But I’m 55 and people say I don;t look a day over 40 something. I’m a normal weight for my height and I don;t have that awful double chin that most women my age have. Am I still dizzy? Yup. But I’m the healthiest dizzy blonde you ever met!

    Good for you for taking control over your health. There’s so many factors that affect our health that we can’t control. What we put into our mouth is one of the things we can control!

    • One of my Sisters is also Vegan, and Gluten Free… Not sure about Sugar though. She makes these Amazing Gluten Free Brownies, and brought them to this gathering, as per usual. She also makes a Gluten Free Corn Bread. I ate some not so good things during the last few days, Lol Time to get back on track, feel pretty terrible, Lol That’s the problem with eating pretty healthy, when you don’t, you feel it more, Lol

      Thanks for your Comment Lorna


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