Disperser, Week Twenty-Two – The Dry Spell Continues

by disperser

I was feeling guilty about shirking my duties to my three or four readers, and then . . . the Pope resigned.  Well, shoot!  

He had god on his back, and just sluffed it . . . him? . . . her?  . . . told god “Yo; I’m tired.”

I have Dark Jade to answer to, but he does not seem nearly as strict.  I’ve not had to sacrifice goat one . . . yet.

But, I do feel like I owe the readers something . . . 

Although it does not really absolve me from having to fulfill my obligation to Legend Undying, I could suggest they check out the fine submissions in the dragon contest!  Lots of good stuff, and no, my own submission did not win.  I did get an honorable mention, and for that I thank the judges.

But in case you, freakishly fast reader, have already ripped through all the submissions, let me offer up something I wrote for my own blog.  

Yes, it’s leftovers; deal with it!  


2 Comments to “Disperser, Week Twenty-Two – The Dry Spell Continues”

  1. I know all about sluffing off my responsibilities. But sometimes, you just have to in order to recharge those worn-down batteries, right? 😉 Congrats on the honorable mention!

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