by darkjade68

A Poem by a Dear Friend, who used to be one of our Writers back when we were “The Dark Globe” DJ-

Beautiful Rumi


Tears rolled carelessly and hung on her eyelashes

Threatening to trickle down to her cheeks

Biting her lips tightly willing the tears not to fall

Hoping she was invisible

Wishing with all her being that they would roll back

The tightening knot on her throat continued to bubble

Feeling like a volcano about to erupt

Emotions buried deep in her

were awakening

against her will

and she was powerless, utterly helpless

She felt a wave of cold static flood her body

The volcano had been activated

There was no going back

Time stood still as tears dropped from her eyelashes

Like hot lava burned their way down her cheeks

Tenderly hovering over her quivering lips

As they dripped down her jaw

Forming a stream of salty chaos on her face

He kissed her face

Kissed her tears

Hoping to take her pain away

The bitter taste of tears hung over his…

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