Legends Undying – 2013 Week Eight Recap

by darkjade68

azure-knight 2Legends Undying – 2013 Week Eight Recap

First of all I want to say Gratz to all of the Winners of the “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest, if you’d like to see who they are just Head to the “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest Page.

Also, Thank you to All that Entered, as well as our Wonderful Judges for your Efforts.

I really felt Every Entry Showed a Lot of Effort, which was cool, but also made our Judge’s Job quite challenging.

On with Last Weeks Recap…


2/18/13 – Monday Flash Fiction – Part I, The Future Of Mankind & Part II

2/19/13 – Whisper Moon (Episode VII) – Back In Black

2/20/13 – Beyond The Gate (Chapter Three)

2/21/13 – Fragmentation Part 2

2/22/13 – The Huntress – Chapter Three

2/23/13 – Footprints – Part XI

Contest Update Posts;

2/18/13 – The Entries Are In! The Judges Are All Reading! The Results Are Rolling In!

2/19/13 – “There Be Dragons Here” Reader’s Choice Finalists

2/19/13 – My Apologies Readers – I Still Need Your Help (Custom Form Not Working)

2/21/13 – “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest Results Will Be Announced Today! Instead Of Tomorrow… Stay Tuned!

2/21/13 – And The Winners Are! “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

Special Posts;

2/18/13 – Behance… A Cool Writer’s, Photographer’s, Artist’s Etc. Site For Your Stuff

2/20/13 – An Important Video I Think

2/22/13 – Friday Live Streams

Sunday Posts;

2/23/13 – Wavy Walls (Crinkum Crankum)

2/24/13 – The Best Films Make Great Stories

2/24/13 – Longer Life… Better Life – Potato Ball? Are You Kidding Me…


2 Comments to “Legends Undying – 2013 Week Eight Recap”

  1. An impressive amount of good activity!

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