Argo… In Review

by darkjade68


Argo… In Review


The true story of the life-or-death covert operation to rescue six Americans, which unfolded behind the scenes of the Iran hostage crisis–the truth of which was unknown by the public for decades.
Out of all the Films out in 2012, Argo was the one I wanted to see most. Something about it intrigued me, and just a hand full of days ago, I finally watched it.
Ben Affleck



Being someone who actually wanted to be a Movie Director, I was foremost curious about the Directing… Knowing that Ben Affleck had Directed it, and I believe he also Directed “The Town“, which I can’t remember all that well, but I believe it was pretty good.

One thing I did know, was many people felt that he should be Nominated as a Best Director for the Film, but from what I have seen of him during all of these Award Shows, I don’t really think he is bothered that he wasn’t. At least not by the Oscars. I believe he won for Best Director in some of the other Award Shows.

I will say this about the Directing of the Film, it didn’t distract from the Content, which I felt was important. Ben seemed to Direct it in a way that he was the Cloak Surrounding the Film’s Content. But overall, I wouldn’t have Nominated this Film for Best Director. It was good, but I have really High Standards as far as Directing goes. I tend to use Sidney Pollack’s “Out of Africa” as the Bar to shoot for, which is pretty High in my book. In truth, everything about that Film was Amazing… But Sidney Pollack is a Director’s Director, in My Book anyway.

Who Was Nominated For Best Director;

Best Director:

David O. Russell, “Silver Linings Playbook”

Ang Lee, “Life of Pi”

Steven Spielberg, “Lincoln”

Michael Haneke, “Amour”

Benh Zeitlin, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

I hadn’t seen any of these Films, so for now, I still can’t give an opinion on who I thought should have won. I will say Ang Lee is a Brilliant Director, and I am happy for him for winning. But I can’t give an opinion yet as to who I would have picked.

On With Argo.

The Story;

I felt the Story was Intriguing, it’s always interesting to learn the specifics of a piece of American History.

The Characters;


Lester Siegel (Played by Alan Arkin); Let me say, in my opinion, Alan Arkan is the Best Part of this Film. I’ve Loved Alan Arkin ever since way back when I saw him in “The Rocketeer“… I know, I know, he had been doing Films for years before that, but that’s when he won my heart. I thought he was the Best Part of that Film as well. Well, we’ll call that one a ‘Movie’, as it was more of a Popcorn Chompen kinda Flick. But in this Film, he is Fantastic, Smart and Hilarious. Anyone who can make a Hotshot Hollywood Producer Likable, is doing something right, Lol


Jack O’Donnell (Played by Bryan Cranston); My next favorite, is Bryan Cranton’s Character. He is Awesome.


The Rest Of The Cast; The rest of the Cast, including Ben Affleck, were Good. Ben’s part was very mild, but well done. And John Goodman was also Good. But really all of them were pretty good, and mainly, didn’t distract from the Movie’s Story, which was the most important thing in this Film I Feel.

Overall Rating; In the end, I felt like this was a Good Film. Should it have Won Best Film of the Year? I won’t be able to answer that until I’ve seen all the other Nominated Films.

Best Picture:

“Beasts of the Southern Wild”

“Silver Linings Playbook”

“Zero Dark Thirty”


“Les Miserables”

“Life of Pi”


“Django Unchained”


And there’s a lot, Lol I’ve only seen “Argo” so far.

But I will say, I understand why it was Nominated, and why it won. As an overall Piece of Work, I felt it was very strong. But mostly, I felt Alan Arkin was the Most Oscar Caliber thing in this Film. Sadly, he did not win. Christoph Waltz did for “Django Unchained“. All I can say about ‘Christoph Waltz’ as an Actor is, he was Brilliant in “Inglorious Bastards“… In fact, I felt he was the best part of the Film. He, and the Girl’s Story. Didn’t really care for the rest of the Film. So chances are, he deserved his win.

Ben is a Very Clean Director, and pretty Content Focused I feel… I think he’ll continue to do good. My overall Rating for “Argo” is a 7.25 out of 10. In truth, I need to see this Film again… The first time I was mainly focusing on the Directing… The next time, I want to focus more on the whole thing.

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4 Comments to “Argo… In Review”

  1. This seems to be one I need to see – even though I always find myself with not enough time to watch movies! Thanks for the impressions so far. I would like to have your impression on the story as a story, though.

    • Well, to me, it’s more a series of events than an actual Story.

      I don’t feel they try to make it much more of a Story then it actually was. If that makes sense.

      It’s information and events displayed via cinema, if that makes sense. Not much embellishing in my opinion.

      See it for Alan Arkin, he’s worth it by himself.

      Hope that helps


  2. What do you feel about what George Lopez commented, that if Ben wanted to direct it and depict an accurate picture why not hire a hispanic to play the real main character? I heard him say that on a news show at 8:40 a.m. and the newscasters all nodded their heads. Good question. I have always felt if there is a Native American who can play a part on an Indian, an Eskimo who is the main character, each need to be chosen with the authenticity as much as possible.
    Your review was excellent and concise. I just thought I would throw out a ‘monkey wrench’ for feedback. Haven’t had any other blogs bring this movie up that I ran into. I am following you so will be happy to hear about more films!

    • Well, with Film, especially mainstream Films (As opposed to small independent ones), there’s the Artistic Element, but there is also the Financial Element. So my best Educated guess is, by putting his face on the Film, it most likely brought in more Film Goers. It’s not a Romantic Artistic way to look at it, but it is a Business way to look at it.

      You figure, this Film cost 44.5 Million to make, which isn’t huge, but it is a lot of money… And with that kind of Investment, the Film Makers (In this case Ben Affleck and George Clooney who Executive Produced it), want to make sure they make their money back so that they can make more Films at this level, as well as make money of course.

      In all honesty, if he would have used a Spanish Actor, he many not have gotten nearly as much Box Office Draw. Unless it was a fairly Popular Spanish Actor.

      George Clooney and Ben Affleck are two actors who have Acting and Directing Talent, but they have both also made money because of their looks. Welcome to Hollywood, Lol. I’d say if the Budget was like 10 Million, than go ahead and take the risk by using a Spanish Actor… But for 44.5 Million, I’m thinking they wanted to stack the deck a bit.

      The other possibility, which is often the case, is that he wanted to make sure the Role was done properly… And he felt he could do the job. That is a possibility.

      As Artists we often forget that there is a lot of money at stake with some of these Films, and as much as we’d like them to be Pieces of Art, if they lose a lot of money, those Artists won’t make more, if you know what I mean.

      I agree that with lower budget Films, take the Risk. But with Higher Budget Films, the Risk you’re taking is with more than just your own money, yah know… There’s a group of Investors that likely Produced this Film, not just George and Ben.

      He was fine in this Film, but as an Artist I would agree that a Spanish Actor would have been better in the Role. And if they had spent less money, that’s probably what they would have done. But I think he’s going for a broader audience, which often means Larger More Expensive Investments/Costs… Which means they need to Increase the odds of making the money back. Having him be the Star, in my opinion, Increased the odds of them making their money back.

      As it turns out, it has had such good response, that it’s actually made 132 Million in the United States, and 77 Million Foregn Box Office Sales. So 209 Million… But who knew, yah know. In this case, it was a Great Success.

      But these are just my Opinions

      Thanks for your Comment Reo


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