Whisper Moon (Episode IX) – Decisions

by darkjade68

2008-Mercedes-Benz-S-600-Guard-Pullman-Secure-Luxury-Limousine-A-fullWhisper Moon

by DarkJade

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Episode IX – Decisions

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s New Home

February 29th, 2012


Jonan sits in the back of his limo, talking to Paul on his cell phone.

“I just picked up a New Place in the Hamptons, since I unloaded my other one,” speaks Jonan.

“If you feel that you can get Allissa and Marin here safely, go ahead and book a flight here tonight,” he continues as he gets out of the limo, holding a pair of binoculars.

Jonan reaches the door of his new home, turns around, and lifts the binoculars up to his eyes… Through them he can see four black BMW’s off in the distance parked side by side.

“And whatever you’re paying those four mercenaries that have been following me everywhere, offer them the same weekly to protect this new home… Which by the way, is under a ‘fake name’… Right, I’ll see you soon,” he hangs up and goes in the huge new home.


The Canyons North East Of Santa Monica

Paul, Jonan’s Chauffeur’s Underground Home

In A Secret Room Underneath Paul’s Bedroom Floor

“Right boss,” Paul hangs up his cell… Damn, how did he spot those guys,” he stands.

“Oh well,” he goes into the living room where Allissa is sitting, lost in thought.

Her daughter Marin is out on the deck drawing in a lawn chair.

“Boss says we’re headen back to New York… So get your stuff together, and we’re on our way,” this brings a large smile to Allissa’s face, as she feels a bit disjointed being away from New York.

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s New Home

Jonan sits in his study, which pretty much looks like Paul’s hidden underground room, very ‘Batman cave esq.” Everything in the room is black, and there’s lots of ‘blinky lights.”

He types away on the black computer keyboard, and brings drug lord Flaran Ordith up on his screen.

He leans back in his very ‘Captain Kirk’ like office chair…

“What am I going to do with you…” he says to himself.

Suddenly he gets a call on his cell… It’s Paul’s mercenary friend.

“Good to meet you… I’ll be right there,” Jonan goes outside of the house where one of the black BMW’s is parked, with Paul’s scarred, edgy looking mercenary friend is leaning up against it.

“Hello,” Jonan says as he lifts a remote control towards his eight car carage off to the right, and opens up four of the doors.

“You and your friends can park your cars in there… And just run a standard perimeter sweep and guard post,” Jonan explains.

The man spits out his toothpick, and approaches Jonan, “You really goina pay each of us 4K a week to guard this joint?” he asks.

“Yeah… And I’m ordering pizza, what kind would you guys like?” Jonan asks as he makes his way back to the house.

The mercenary answers with a grin,” pepperoni would be just swell pal… And my name…” he starts to say his name, but Jonan turns back towards him.

“Your name isn’t necessary… Better for you that way… I’ll just call you Sam,” Jonan says, “Four large pepperonis on the way,” Jonan finishes as he goes inside and closes the door.



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