by darkjade68



“To An Artist… Inspiration Is The Water We Drink…”

“The Air We Breathe…”

“To An Artist… Inspiration Is Life”


“I Thought I’d Share Some Pictures With You That Have Inspired Me”

7d72f26ae304fed548bbd83622d3281dPeacock Dress

333af0bf17463bcc704bac9c1e768028Keepsake Touch

312f66ad75fc16c5aab8e87161baa652Cool Artwork

a28fa00842a849310092977db04a44f3Cool Artwork






For Those of you who don’t have a Pinterest Account, I Suggest You Get One

It’s Free, and it Allows you to Tuck Away Little Treasures Such as these as you go

Hope you had a Good Weekend


*My Pinterest Account Pinterest.Com/DarkJade/

PICTURE AT TOP – More Design Inspiration

6 Comments to “Inspiration”

  1. Inspiring indeed, and the Rapunzel one is hair-endous!
    I find the red dress one particurly stunning.

  2. Oh, I really love the one with the red dress. (Hey, now this has inspired me to try painting in a similar style.)

  3. Love these – thanks for sharing! 🙂 I may need to get a Pinterest now, lol.

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