Disperser, Week Twenty-Four – Almost New

by disperser

We had a blizzard, I have chores I’m behind on, I . . . uhmm  . . . ahh . . . oh, yeah!  . . . I need to shave, and cut my hair!

All perfectly good excuses why I will not be presenting anything original this week.  Well, it will be original in the sense it’s something I wrote, but it has already appeared on my blog, so for the few who subscribe there, this will be like a stroll down a fond memory lane . . . or hall of horrors, depending on your tastes.

I will be reprinting three of my short stories from the past few weeks.  Well, not full short stories . . . more like expanded flash fiction.

I am working on something just for here, but it’s not ready yet.

I could call in one of the offered “you don’t have to write this week” chips, but the fact is I did write something, so why not present it?

I would normally do a single post with all three short stories (that’s right, there are three – well, I actually wrote five, but I’ll maybe share the others some other time ), but if people see a long list of words, they will be turned off.  So, instead, I plan to do a post for each of the short stories.  That’s right; I’m spamming my own writing day!

Bwah-ha-ha-ha . . . -ha-ha . . . -ha . . . {cough, deep breath} . . . -ha-ha!

Right; on with the posts.  BUT WAIT!!

Because some people might have already seen these stories, I wanted to provide a little extra for them.  I added Polls at the end of each story.  What I would love, for them so inclined, is for readers to read the three stories, take the polls at the end of each one, and then come back here to take the poll below.  

That’s what I would love.  I figure the number who take the polls will be low, so here’s your chance to potentially have a significant amount of influence in something.


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