New Legends Undying E-Mail Address

by darkjade68

Legends UndyingNew Legends Undying E-Mail Address

Hey guys, yes I had another Hacked E-mail Address, Lol

For those of you who were around back when I had Several Gmail Hacked Accounts, and Lost

100’s of Saved E-mails

This time it was a Yahoo Account, the one I’ve been using for this Site

And somehow I think it may have happened from setting it up on My New Kindle Fire HD Replacement

Yes, this is My Third Kindle Fire HD since September, 2012, Lol

It’s a Great Device, at a Great Price, but I’ve had some Battery Lasting as long as they say it should issues, Lol

Anyway, right after I linked my Device to that Account, people started to get

E-mails from that Address with Links, that I did not send, Lol

So I’m not going to even mess with it

Anyway, without further ado, the New “Legends Undying” Address is LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com

Kind of Appropriate, eh, Lol

So for all of you out there that have JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com for this Site, Delete it, Lol

Oh, and for those of you on Twitter, or who might get on Twitter, Here’s our Twitter Account @LegendsUndying



8 Comments to “New Legends Undying E-Mail Address”

  1. lol..again!!! Why does this keep happening to you?

  2. We had to replace our kindle fire. Wouldn’t hold a charge at all

    • Yeah, with mine, it’s supposed to last 11 hours… First one lasted 8, finally decided to trade it in for another… Which lasted 10 hours, which was closer at least… But a couple months later, it’s down to 6 hours… Finally decided to get a third, hoping that they’ve fixed the issue.

      We shall see… I Love the Device, otherwise I would have gotten my money back


  3. I had an email with a link, but l read yours first and have deleted,, thanks for the warning but hope not to much damage done to you..;)

  4. I’m sorry to hear your account got hacked again. Man, that would drive me crazy.

    Lol, it does explain a lot though. I was wondering why “you” (allegedly) e-mailed me a rather suspicious looking link to some equally suspicious miracle foot cream. 😉 I’ve had other friends who were hacked, and I got e-mails from “them” (allegedly) saying they were trapped in a Tibetan prison, and needed me to send them $50,000 to get out. 🙂 Oh, and I’ve also had an “Arabian prince” (also allegedly) propose to me via e-mail, promising to send me a dowry of $1,000,000… if I send him $100,000 first. Some of these hackers are imaginitive, lol.

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