Legends Undying – 2013 Week Eleven Recap

by darkjade68

12778912491516972042knight_templar[1]-hi 2Legends Undying – 2013 Week Eleven Recap

“Like Sands through the hourglass… So were the Posts of Last Week”

Ok, maybe not, Lol

Our Posts from last week;


3/11/13 – A Good Day, After All, Different, Movement Propels Destiny

3/12/13 – Whisper Moon (Episode X) – The Black Dragon

3/13/13 – Beyond The Gate (Chapter Six)

3/15/13 – I Died Once (The Conclusion)

3/16/13 – Footprints – Part XIV

Special Posts;

3/14/13 – Send Us Your Recipes! And We Might Post Them

3/17/13 – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Sunday Posts;

3/16/15 – Lepers, Mange And Gunpowder…

3/17/13 – Taking My Own Advice For Once

3/17/13 – User Experience Design: Not Just For The Web

3/17/13 – Movie Review – Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters

3/17/13 – Movie Review: Warm Bodies



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