Just a Quickie

by Lorna's Voice
I'll just leave this one alone.

I’ll just leave this one alone.

Who doesn’t appreciate a “quickie?”

Well, I suppose it depends on what you’re talking about (and by “you’re” I mean “I’m” because I’m writing this post, right?).

Let’s just say when it comes to posts from a certain blogger who you might wonder if her middle name is “Longfellow” because of the length of her posts and complex sentences, then a “quickie” is great.

So we’re going to play, “Which Caption Do You Like Best?”

group of snowmen


1. Olga never liked formal office parties. Conversations were stiff. It was hard to warm up once cliques were formed. So she left early. No one even noticed.

2. The Events Planner was fired after she booked the Annual Convention of the Shriners in Antarctica.

3. In an attempt to save the planet, The United States and Canada agreed that the custom of live Christmas trees for the holidays would be replaced with Fez-topped snowmen. Mildred scanned the selection but couldn’t find one with the right expression.

4. The newest Sesame Street challenge for their game, “One of these things is not like the other…”

5. Can’t afford $100,000 for cryonics upon death, don’t worry! Just call now and for the low, low cost of 6 easy payments of 49.95 (plus tax, where applicable), you can be frozen after you die. But wait! Call within the next 15 minutes and get your spouse, pet, or boss frozen for just 3 additional payments. (Reanimation not guaranteed. Temperature fluctuation due to global climate change not the responsibility of Frosty Solutions, Inc.)


Or maybe you can come up with a better caption? I dare you…

Come on! Give it your best shot. I did!

Come on! Give it your best shot. I did!



6 Comments to “Just a Quickie”

  1. Some grandparents are so lonely, they build a family of snow people to prevent loneliness during the holidays. Don’t let this happen and donate to “No More Lonely Grandparents” today. Your donation of as little as $10 can prevent depression, falls and frostbite. Donate today!

  2. Her black mood prevented Ermintrude from chilling out at the Snow Ball.

  3. Too funny! More, more, more! I love the creativity and humor! 🙂

  4. I wanted to contribute something funny, but I’m fried . . .

    I was going to go with “Hey!! She got legs! How come we don’t have legs?”

    but, instead . . .

    “The Occupy Crowd, and the One Percenter.”

  5. Both are great! Sometimes inspiration comes pouring in and sometimes it takes a bit of pondering. I just love finding zany pics and coming up with even zanier captions. 🙂

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