Disperser, Week Twenty-Six – The Old, and the Not So Old

by disperser

As the designated Monday writer, I’m supposed to write short stories.   Just based on the title of the blog, they should probably have a fantasy component in them.  

Well, much of my stuff has been re-posting things from my past.   There are many reasons for it.  All are perfectly valid, especially if one looks at it from my point of view.  However, those stories have not typically been fantasy.  

Yes, you guessed it . . .  by now it must sound like a broken record to regular readers, but this will be yet another week where I dip into my vast reservoir of previously written stories, and  . . . what’s this???

. . . crap! . . . there are only two left!  Oh well . . . when all one has are the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel, that is all one can offer up.

The first story was written just a few weeks ago, and it’s very short.

The second was written long ago, and it deals with a familiar trope . . . Pirates vs. Ninjas.   That story was written for the daughter of a fellow forum member at Skepticality.   Her forum name was Rino, and she was of the opinion Ninjas were better than Pirates.  The poor deluded girl!  . . . she has since changed her tune but, unfortunately, it was more due to Captain Jack than my own efforts.  I have to admit . . . it hurt.  It hurt because I consider Captain Jack a poor excuse for a pirate.  

The original post has long since been lost, falling victim to a massive hardware and software failure, which destroyed the forum database.  The Forum is back up now, but all my old stuff, all my brilliant commentary, and the first blog I ever had, all of that was lost . . . except for the copies I kept for myself.

I occasionally refer back to all that material . . . gosh, I was brilliant back then!  I’m speaking, of course, about my debates on religion, the death penalty, gun control, politics, and the merits of eating strawberries by dipping them in granulated sugar.  

Unfortunately, all that brilliance had not, nor has it yet translated into my fiction writing.  Still, I will present to you, the readers with very little time, the last two remaining pieces of my previously-written stuff.

I have to be honest; I was hoping to see vast differences in writing abilities, indicating some growth through the years, but alas, to my tired eyes, I see no improvement from the old to the new.  Fitting perhaps . . . as my life stagnates in this backwater planet, so does what little skills I possess to string words into a narrative.  


4 Comments to “Disperser, Week Twenty-Six – The Old, and the Not So Old”

  1. You are too unkind to yourself. I’m sure that the more recent stories will have something extra. Polish. If not, at least Yugoslavian! 🙂

    • These day it’s Slovenian . . . I think; I lose track due to lack of interest.

        • Mine . . . I have zero interest in my heritage. They all be nuts, over there, willing to hate and kill each other because they were born a few miles in distance from each other.

          However, if anyone insists in assigning a heritage to me, I claim Italian, as in ancient times the area where I was born was under Roman rule.

          I suppose I could go back even further, and claim a Neanderthal lineage.

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