Legends Undying… Call To Arms (Writers Wanted)

by darkjade68

battlelore-a-call-to-arms-1757-pLegends Undying… Call To Arms (Writers Wanted)

One of the things I expected by bringing in Passionate Writers to “Legends Undying”, was that on occasion, they’d just get too darn busy to Post.

At the moment a couple of our Sunday Writers have found their schedules just too busy to continue Posting on a regular basis. Granted, the Doors are Still Open to these Writers, should they like to Post on a less Regular Basis (As Opposed to Every Single Sunday), but none the less, it is time we bring some Additional Sunday Writers onto the Site.

Though “Legends Undying” has Very Solid/Punctual Writers, it is still a Fairly Relaxed Site… Story Writers let me know when they’re going to Miss a Day, and I either have one of our Backup Writers Fill in, or Fill in Myself.

That said, I’ll go ahead say that Paige will not be able to Post today, so I will be Posting something in a little while. In her case, she just has some Off Line Issues she’s dealing with, but isn’t going anywhere… She’ll be back as soon as she’s able, and until then (Even if it’s just this week, or one or two more), I shall Post Something other than my “Whisper Moon” Series, which I’ve been Posting on Tuesdays.

Sunday Writers;

At this time, I would like to Extend Invitations to Writers who are interested in Posting within our Sunday Posts… This Category is very loose as far as Content, though generally we don’t Post actual Stories on this day.

If any of you are interested in Joining our Sunday Crew, Please Drop Me A Line at LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com

At the moment we have several Writers that Post on this day, but we also have a couple that have just gotten too busy either in life, or in the pursuit of their Individual Endeavors.

Thank You Writers;

I also want to take this moment to Thank Our Current Writers, Our Past Writers, and Those Writers In Between… This Site would be Nothing without you. Your Efforts have been Solid, Courageous and Bold… And in some cases, Playful, Lol

You’re Welcome to see the kind of Posts Our Sunday Writers Have Been Doing Here Sunday Posts

Thanks for your Time, and I Hope to hear from you!



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2 Comments to “Legends Undying… Call To Arms (Writers Wanted)”

  1. Well, you still have me nearly every Sunday (unless I have another surgery or emotional meltdown or book published or all three…). 😉

    • You might consider Writing a book about a surgery that leads to an emotional breakdown, might make things a bit more manageable for yah, Lol

      We’re Lucky to have yah!


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