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March 30, 2013


by cobbies69

Sunday 31st March 2013



   Many of you will know on Monday 1st April Campnano starts, this a variation of Nanowrimo, the November  writing project, trying to write a 50000 word novel in a month. However there are differences to Campnano. One has an option of getting allocated a cabin with 5 other writers and then make friends and do little get together’s  like camp fire sing along.  Or  if you know others that are doing it then you can invite these to be in the same cabin, and then hopefully build your own camp mates. Another option is to opt out of any of this and be a loner and do it on your own. I have been lucky enough to know a couple and have been given our own cabin with a few unknown.

One of the main differences with this is that we can nominate our own word count, I know of some that has nominated a lowly number of 15000 words. Because it is a relaxed project I have nominated 35000 words and fully intend to do more. But my  main goal is to complete.  There are events during the month, one is Marathon day on the 14th. Will report more  nearer the time.

My story is about my family  and it’s squabbles, but I am going to try and transfer all these events  back into medieval times, with a mixture of  magic and creatures of the mind. But all events were modern day events. King and Queen and the fighting for power among the children, knowing the death of the King is near.

All that remains is watch this space and read my weekly update..  Oh yes, Wish me luck..



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March 30, 2013

Welcome Our 2nd Tuesday Writer… Jacob Holo

by darkjade68

JacobWelcome Our 2nd Tuesday Writer… Jacob Holo

I’d like to Welcome our 2nd New Tuesday Writer, Jacob Holo to our Band of Writers.

This will be the First Time that I’ve had More than One Writer designated to a particular Story Day, but My “Call To Arms (Writers Wanted)” Post has brought Three Story Writers… And I want to give them an Opportunity to Show Their Stuff!

Paul Davis, our other New Tuesday Writer, was totally fine with sharing his day.

Here’s Jacob’s Personal Site @ Holo Writing

Welcome to “Legends Undying” Jacob!


March 30, 2013

The Abbey

by Gaston Prereth

This is a story I wrote about five years ago, inspired by a day wandering round an old Abbey.  I was writing a fresh post for you this week, but it did not turn out how I had hoped, and I banished it to my folder of ‘Did not work’ files.  As I  am currently writing a short story to submit to a SF magazine, I did not have tme to write something else, so I have had to leaf through some of my old stories to find something else for you guys this week.  I chose this one as, while I think it is an enjoyable read and an interesting idea, I think it works well as a comparision with 21:15 to Fort William which I wrote at the end of last year. I think I may have actually improved slightly… very slightly. What do you think?



He wasn’t sure how he found himself here.  He’d never been one for historical structures, let alone religious ones, but for a reason he could not explain he had felt compelled to visit the abbey’s gardens and wander aimlessly amid the nature.  He wasn’t even sure how he had got there, his mind was so fractured and erratic at the moment that events no longer seemed to follow one another in his memory.  Yet he was sure that he didn’t want to know, that there was a reason why he shouldn’t know. So he continued to lumber aimlessly around the grounds, his pronounced limp jarring his back with every step.

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