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March 30, 2013

The Abbey

by Gaston Prereth

This is a story I wrote about five years ago, inspired by a day wandering round an old Abbey.  I was writing a fresh post for you this week, but it did not turn out how I had hoped, and I banished it to my folder of ‘Did not work’ files.  As I  am currently writing a short story to submit to a SF magazine, I did not have tme to write something else, so I have had to leaf through some of my old stories to find something else for you guys this week.  I chose this one as, while I think it is an enjoyable read and an interesting idea, I think it works well as a comparision with 21:15 to Fort William which I wrote at the end of last year. I think I may have actually improved slightly… very slightly. What do you think?



He wasn’t sure how he found himself here.  He’d never been one for historical structures, let alone religious ones, but for a reason he could not explain he had felt compelled to visit the abbey’s gardens and wander aimlessly amid the nature.  He wasn’t even sure how he had got there, his mind was so fractured and erratic at the moment that events no longer seemed to follow one another in his memory.  Yet he was sure that he didn’t want to know, that there was a reason why he shouldn’t know. So he continued to lumber aimlessly around the grounds, his pronounced limp jarring his back with every step.

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March 29, 2013

Welcome New Tuesday Story Writer… Paul Davis

by darkjade68

UntitledWelcome New Tuesday Story Writer… Paul Davis

Responding to My “Call To Arms (Writer’s Wanted)” Post, in addition to Len Weatherly who is our New Thursday Writer, was also Our New Tuesday Story Writer, Paul Davis.

You can Check out His Personal Blog @ Paul Davis.

Both Paul, and Len, have been avid Followers of “Legends Undying”, and though both offered to be Sunday Writers per My Post, I know that each of them are actually Story Writers.

And so, in addition to Making Len our New Thursday Story Writer (Replacing My Thursday Random Posts), I’ve also decided to give up My Tuesday Story Posting Day to Paul Davis.

I am still the Site’s Primary Backup Writer, whenever one of our Story Writers can not Post, and will continue to do Sunday Posts, as well as Site Updates Etc.

From all of us here at “Legends Undying”, I wholeheartedly Welcome you to our Band of Writers Paul!


March 28, 2013

Captain Fire 197

by darkjade68

As I mentioned in my Post yesterday, Paige was unable to Post Yesterday… I had planned on Posting something in her stead, but got tied up. And so I will Post something Today. Next Thursday, this spot will be Len’s.

“Captain Fire” is a Sci-Fi Blog Series I Posted on My Creative Writing Blog, way back in September, 2011-April, 2012… It has, of course, never been Edited or anything like that, Lol But I hope you enjoy it.

Captain Fire 197

by DarkJade



Dark Space










Infinitely Dark. What metal must one be made of to spend their life in space. I know I couldn’t. But I did anyway.

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