Disperser, Week Twenty-Seven – An Important Message

by disperser

One of the many positive aspects of writing for Legends Undying is meeting (virtually meeting) other writers and contributors.  

But there is pain as well; anguish almost unbearable.  Had I a soul, it would strike at the very core of it.  But think not that, soulless, I am spared.  Oh no . . . for you see, this pain transcends physical form, metaphysical fantasy, and indeed strikes across multidimensional paths to rip at my very existence across multiple universes, multiple dimensions, and the depths of the river of time.

Replica of Mal's Pistol

Replica of Mal’s Pistol

What is the cause of such indescribable (although I thought I did a pretty good job describing it) pain?  What could generate such anguish?

It appears a few readers of this blog, and at least one contributor, would not recognize the above.

That’s right! . . . they had not watched . . . not watched . . . <sob> hold on; give me a moment to compose myself . . . they had not watched Firefly.  (!!)

It’s been 11 years . . . what excuse could they possibly have? 

Let me be clear on this . . . I do not judge them.  Not much, anyway . . . well, maybe a tad . . . I mean, 11 years!  What the f . . . er . . . heck is wrong with them?  

Who have I fallen in with?  Are they, even as I write this, subtly trying to change me, to mold me into one of them . . . people who don’t care about Firefly?

I will resist, you know.  My will is strong, my resolve solid, my heart pure.  

But . . . perhaps I am being overly harsh . . . perhaps they don’t know!  That’s it!   They don’t know of the amazing characters, great scripts, the facility of the dialogue, the intricacies and simplicity of plots.

Well, this week I am reprinting a small piece I wrote, oh so long ago, in answer to the question:

Which character of firefly do you identify with?

It’s my introduction the characters of Firefly, for them who need it.  I aim to do good works!

OK, so it’s not a short story, and while some might callously contemplate the notion I don’t have anything written for this week, the truth is far from that . . . miles and miles away . . . well, maybe only one mile.  Yes . . . could be only a few hundred yards . . . or just yards.  Oh, alright!  

Look, I have written a lot this week . . . but not stuff for here.  

But, honest . . . if you are a writer, and would like examples of how to tell a story, develop characters, write great dialogue, you could do much worse than watching Firefly.  

And if you are a reader . . . well, put down that book, and go watch this series!

Oh, I’m also including another story from way back when (2005), when we had first moved to Colorado.  Back then it was strange contemplating the paths we hiked were also traveled by bears and mountain lions.  

So strange, that I wrote a short story to reassure my wife.  It did not work.  To this day we hike with a large can of bear spray, a sturdy staff, and I usually carry an implement for delivering small pieces of metal over significant distances.  

Hope these small offerings fulfill the needs of the loyal readers of this blog.

3 Comments to “Disperser, Week Twenty-Seven – An Important Message”

  1. In the immortal words of Piglet, “Oh Dear, oh, d…d…d…dear, dear, dear!” I didn’t respond to that former post on Firefly because I guess I would make 2 people on earth who have never seen it. I’m only admitting it now so the other person doesn’t feel so, well, freakish. I watched a l lot of Dr. Who. Does that count for something? 😉

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