Captain Fire 197 – Beginnings

by darkjade68

Beth is Likely to Return to her Wednesday Posting Next Week…

And so I shall once again Post in her stead.

I Give you Part Two of My Blog Series, “Captain Fire 197”


Captain Fire 197

by DarkJade

Part 1

Part 2 – Beginnings

But I should back up…

When the deep space leisure cruise vessel AD1 arrived at it’s destination, Bara 9, a space station located on the outskirts of Yera Tar, I was in complete shock over the destruction of Ona… My home planet. And though I was adopted, and raised by a foster family, it was still the only home I knew.

I was devastated.

I sat curled up in a ball in some remote corner of Bara 9, crying profusely.

And when I cried my hair would turn from green to black, try explaining that one… I gave up on trying.

But I couldn’t just stay in Bara 9, but it was there that I first saw her…


She was beautiful. She grabbed my arm and said, “Come with me Nisho! Quickly…” I did not try to fight her.

Who was this beautiful white haired girl, and how did she know my name?

The two of  us toar through the space station and boarded a green star ship, called the 197.

Jenna put me in her chambers, “Stay here,” she said, the door closed and she disappeared.

I could feel the 197 blast off and all I could think about was my best friend was on Ona when it was destroyed… All who loved me… Were gone.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the ship Captan Fire dished out orders…

“Get us out of here Rud!” Rud and Nef responded immediately and blasted into hyper drive.

Meanwhile in Jenna’s quarters, I passed out.

When I woke up some time later, Jenna was there with food. “Eat… You need your strength. You’ve been through quite an ordeal.”

How did she know these things about me? And why was she so… Beautiful. Strange finding another girl so appealing, but it was something that emulated from the center of her… Something from the inside.

She insisted that I eat all of the food… And I could not deny her, though I felt very sick. The food did make me feel better.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Jenna… I’m a Telepath, which is why I know your name and what you’ve been through,” she explained.

Amazing… An actual Telepath. I wasn’t even sure they really existed.

“That’s because there aren’t that many of us,” she responded to my thoughts.

Well, this ought to be interesting if you can hear everything I think.

“I’ll do my best to give you some privacy in your thoughts… As it is, I filter out things that aren’t really relevant to our interactions.”

Suddenly the door to her quarters opens and…

“Who is this?” That was the first time I met Jono, Jenna’s older brother. He was… ‘Sigh’

“This is Nisho… A survivor from Ona,” Jenna explained.

“What is she doing here?” he questioned.

“Nisho, forgive my Brother… He means well… Nisho, this is Jono.”

“Gasp!” I couldn’t speak… Lovely.

“Hello Nisho… Captain Fire’s not going to like this, we’d best let him know.”



PICTURE CREDITS – Green Spaceship, Captain, White Haired Anime Girl, Green Haired Anime Girl, Black Haired Anime Boy

7 Comments to “Captain Fire 197 – Beginnings”

  1. Characters who read minds are hard to write. They seem so god-like. I enjoy the way you use the pictures throughout. Like I am reading a graphic novel.

    • Telepathy is definitely tricky… I do use it several stories actually… Not planned, just kinda happened

      Glad you like the pictures, definitely supposed to be like a comic book, or graphic novel


  2. Nice, I’d like to see where this would go.

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