Disperser, Week Twenty-Six (b) – Taking a break

by disperser

“What are you doing here, today?  . . . you’re the Monday Writer!”  

“Not so fast, grasshopper!  I was the Monday Writer.  Come next week, someone else will don the Monday Mantle, and dazzle you with tales of wonder.”

That be right, readers;  I am taking a break from the regular routine.  Twenty-six weeks; one half of a year.   It has been fun and an honor to strut my offerings for your (hopefully) pleasure, and I thought others deserved the same chance I had.  

Yes, I will miss posting, and yet, I will also welcome the break.  For whatever reasons, reasons not important to readers of this site, time has decided to play tricks on me.  Days slip by like whirlwinds, hours pass as blurs to my perception and memory.  I try to get stuff done, but I keep falling behind. 

Well, no more!  I aim to teach time a lesson!  But . . . it will be a mighty battle, and one in which I cannot afford to worry about others.  It will require all my resources to tackle my own time concerns without worrying about that of readers.

. . . *choke* . . . *gasp*. . . *cough* . . . you . . . you go on without me.  I’ll *cough* be fine.  Read the new writer, James Holo, support him as you did me, and enjoy his offerings; they look to be amazing.

I’ll come along when I can . . . 

. . . hey!  What do you know!  I’m back already!  That’s right!  I, am a Backup Writer.  And today is my first assignment!

What I offer is a glimpse at a novel I started writing many years ago.  It was never intended for publication; I just wanted to write characters I could believe in.  I wrote something that I would want to read, about people that acted like I think people would act.  As such, it might not be for everyone . . . but maybe someone will find it to their taste.

I packaged a small portion of it into a self-sustained chunk (or what I hope is a self-sustained chunk), and offer it up for consumption.  

No, It’s not Fantasy, but it does have a theme familiar to many . . . the end of civilization as we know it.

Let me know what you think. 

Oh, as a bonus, I am throwing in another one of my short flash pieces.  You know, in case you don’t like the larger offering.


6 Responses to “Disperser, Week Twenty-Six (b) – Taking a break”

  1. All kinds of changes and switch-er-oos happening at Legends! That’s great–life is change, so we’re just living it up around here! 😉

  2. Thanks for the kudos, Disperser! I’ll do my best on Mondays!


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