Camp update #1

by cobbies69

Sunday 7th April 2013.


2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-Badge                                                            Week one…

Where do I start,, oh yes, of course the beginning, and where is the beginning. April the first , Monday.  My story Birth of the Prince. I have taken my family names slightly altered and put the modern-day quarrels into medieval times. This also includes trades and business. Monday I started off okay logging my word count, and the stats were telling me that I was on course to finish on the 29th April. Brill’ I thought finish before time. But then came Tuesday, day two, I wrote not a word, my posts took priority because of this. I tried, I sat looking at my screen, reading the last paragraph time after time. nothing would follow. I thought by doing my posts it would help, getting the words to flow but to no avail.

Wednesday day three, I chatted with a fellow participant and both gave each other that little piece of encouragement, and my word count was added to  during this day. But I was still behind, my sat was saying I would finish on the 5th of May. No good to me .

Thursday- day four was just another normal word count for the day. My daughter being home  for the Easter break did her bit, as best she could she decided to interrupt my train of thought as often as possible. My stat again says finish date is 5th May.

Friday my health interrupted me, having to go and get prescriptions that my new temporary stand in doctor had messed up. This took a fair while to sort and then picking them up. Managed a few words but not what is needed to complete this project. My stat now says 6th may finish date.


While checking my cabin and messages one member has sent a challenge to any one wishing to engage in a word war, but as I am not sure what this entails, I have decided not to take up the challenge. Good luck to any that might challenge.

The Marathon challenge write in is next Saturday, the 13th April, Saturday not being a good day for me probably means i will not get involved in it.

Suddenly Saturday arrived, and again a good chat with friend also participating in this Camp, my keyboard was set alight with my fingers blitzing across the keys and producing the necessary words. I managed to get them onto my pages, again however I was interrupted by my daughter, and my train of thought was left in the air again. And to my surprise when updating my word count my stat now says I will finish on the 29th April. Plenty of time, if I could dance I would do a jig. But instead I will play my guitar and relax for a day.

Sunday will probably be a non productive day so from Monday my stats will tell me I will finish in May once again. But I will chat with my co participator and get encouraged.



thank you09

thank you87


9 Responses to “Camp update #1”

  1. Ah, life, constantly getting in the way of your plans and mine! Keep the faith, Gerry!

  2. Someone should have told life to be put on hold for the month of April, eh? After the slack weekend i just checked. My finish date May 7th. hmm… was doing so well. shrugging shoulders…..such is writing. So My Kind Sir back in our saddles we go.~ 😉


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