The Huntress – Chapter Five

by TByrd

Before I begin, I must apologize for my absence lately. I’ve been swamped by my latest show Godspell and it has literally taken all of my writing time. I managed just by the skin of my teeth to make this week, so here ya go!

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March 1 – Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Zoe steered her small vessel gently around the pole of a seemingly normal asteroid. Deep in the asteroid belt of the Ancalagon system, she had fashioned her hide away from one of the larger asteroids. The belt was a dangerous place and Zoe prided herself on being one of the few to venture deep into the four parsec deep belt. She called her asteroid “refuge”, and was impossible to locate on sensors. No, she did this flying by hand. She had chosen this asteroid for many reasons, not the least was its metallic composition. Should a scanner be able to penetrate this deep within the belt, the metal compound of her asteroid would mask of her actively from under the surface. From deep within she had created her own magnetic field generator that would protect her from the harsh conditions of space and allow her to live a relatively comfortable existence.

Zimmerman had drifted off to a deep sleep hours ago, allowing her to put her full attention to navigating the belt to her home. As she entered the mouth of her cave, he shifted slightly. He would be waking soon. Gently she landed her vessel within her Refuge and began to shut down when he sat up from his cot.

“You can’t hide, you know,” he said shaking the sleep from his voice. “They will be looking for me.”

“We shall see,” she dismissed. With the shutdown procedure complete she rose from her seat and turned to face her captive and produced her plasma riffle, “Get up.”

“Where are you gonna take me, lass?”

“Shut up,” she spat. “We don’t have time for your games.”

He stood.

“I’m going to drop the field surrounding you,” she explained. “If you do anything I don’t like I’ll kill you. Understand?” He only nodded. She dropped the field and gestured toward the hatch door. “Let’s go.”

She walked behind him, pressing the muzzle of her riffle into his back directly against his spine. If he moved even a little in a direction she didn’t like she could kill him instantly. She led him down the ramp and through her landing bay to a special room where she held her smuggled cargo. Usually she didn’t bring her bounties here, but these were not normal circumstances. He would be comfortable enough in the cargo hold. She pressed the door release and it slid open gently. She threw her weight into his back and felt her weakened bounty buckle and fall through the door. Before he had a change to speak she slid the door shut behind him. Quickly she entered the security code lock down and finally was able to relax.

She could hear him through the door cried out, but his words were muffled.

She left the door secured and peaked through the security window. The deep green tinted window looked in on the cargo hold where her bounty now resided. She pressed a sequence and opened the intercom. His words were now flinging out at her through the system.

“…can’t do this! I’m a Councilor!”

“You’re a fool,” she answered. He fell silent. “A fool and my bounty. The Celestial Syndicate may be scattered, but there are others that would pay a pretty for your corpse. Fear not, Councilor, you will meet your maker at a time of my choosing. But until then, I suggest you rest. You are free to eat from the cargo stored in your cell. There’s plenty to sustain you.”

“I will see you dead before the end,” he threatened.

Zoe only smiled and closed the intercom and turned to her living quarters, shutting the lights off as she left.


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  1. Cool story so far. Nice work! 🙂


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