Camp Winner!!! Third Time Lucky..

by cobbies69

Sunday 5th May 2013.


My Final Camp Entry….

Whoohoo…oh yes skipping across the floor and doing imaginary cartwheels, Yes my target was met and on Tuesday got it validated. My story as you might notice was originally being called Birth of the Prince, but have now titled it Birth of the Wizard Prince, well as the story developed I had to change it to make it more suitable. All the characters used are people from my family and their friends as I see them with the added bonus of dramatic license, and maybe a little revenge as well, and places are also real, maybe slight name change…..….haaahaaheehee! evil laugh echoing out across the forest..

My only thing now is to try and finish it, i seem to enjoy writing to a time limit,  so I have to try and prove I can still continue to write at leisure as well. Having so many ideas about what I want to do with it, but have to finish it first.  All suggestions and advice welcome.

Camp winner cert1

I would like to say to any one who might be interested in doing this challenge ‘Go for It’ On this Camp, you can nominate your own word count, some went a little less and some a lot less, but most remain loyal to the Nanowrimo in November. But the thing about this is the cabins, and my particular cabin was dead, apart from one lady who we maintained encouraging each other. I did hear some cabins were very interactive with each, and others did not bother with any form of communication. There is another in July, not sure if it is for me, who knows, but the main one in November is a date. I love the roller coaster of emotions, and the learning, but it seems I write better under pressure. 


I would love to thank everyone who has supported me in this project.                                                                                                                            Thank You All!!!

CyKlopps req


Rose Widge2t

thank you09



8 Comments to “Camp Winner!!! Third Time Lucky..”

  1. Very cool. It is inspiring to see how proud you are. Keep it up.

  2. I knew you could do it–and I know you’ll finish this. I’m so proud of you! 🙂 🙂

  3. Congratulations Cobbie


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