The Third

by paigeaddams

  Hello all! I hope life is treating you well this week. 🙂

Tonight I’d like to share the beginning of my third short story – Ascension.

This will be the final short for the first collection I’d like to self-publish. I’m working on a cover for it now – lol, we’ll see how this goes. An artist, I most certainly am not. But I am dirt poor so I’m attempting to wing it, lol. So instead of drawing people for my cover, I’m going a different route – I’m using the ansona from my stories. I have much better luck drawing items and scenery than anything else, so I figured it was worth a shot. What say you? Good idea? Or not so much? Should I just suck it up and save my pennies for a real artist? I know even with e-books the cover can make or break it – especially if you’re skimming a list of a hundred or so new releases to choose from.

It’s funny – and mildly confusing – but I didn’t realize it until just now. I used my friend’s first initial and her fiance’s for her story last week, and the main characters in this story also have the same first initials. I’m sorry in advance for any confusion this causes, lol. The heroines’ names are very, very similar.

Now, without further ado – here is the first chapter of Ascension! I played around with having a much more light-hearted heroine in this one, lol. I hope you guys like it. 🙂

Until next time, Happy Writing and Take Care! 🙂



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