Seven Reasons I’m Late and Have No Story

by TByrd

There’s no Huntress today. In fact, there’s been little writing in my life, even though I’ve gotten a great deal of free time back since Godspell closed. So, here’s ten reasons why:

1. I’m lazy. It’s just the facts people, I haven’t touched The Huntress in a while and found zero motivation for it. There’s no denying this fact.

2. I’ve been enjoying my spare time. My husband and I both worked endlessly on Godspell. So much so that, for a time, I was almost certain I married a cyborg. My husband was both video designer and lighting designer, so most of his work was done on the computer. Since he’s been released of these duties, he’s not attached to his computer. So we’ve been spending time together.

3. Spring cleaning. This house is a total disaster. Tech week tends to do that to a home. Dishes pile up, the lawn grows taller, the litter boxes overflow and mail and paperwork pile up miles high. When not at work or outside, hubby and I have been trying to suss our way out of the madness that is our home.

4. Supernatural. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this television show, but I discovered it on Netflix about two weeks ago and was hooked. In my evenings off, I am glued to the adventures of Sam and Dean.

5. Captain Phil Harris (the book). This book just came out. If you know anything about me, you know I am a huge Deadliest Catch fan. I track the boats on, I stalk the crabbers on twitter, I check the forecast of the Bering Sea, and so on. And Captain Phil was my favorite. This book came out and I purchased it right away.

6. The Deadliest Catch and the Fantasy Game. With the summer comes the new season of The Deadliest Catch and this year there is a fantasy game attached to it. I spend way too much time looking over my fantasy team to make sure I am going to get a good amount of points.

7. It’s spring! And when it’s spring in Cleveland you are a fool to stay inside. The sun is out, the brids are singing and I live right by a metropark. So I’ve been trying to go on bike rides as often as possible, or at least spend some quality time outside in the sun enjoying it.




8 Comments to “Seven Reasons I’m Late and Have No Story”

  1. Did you really get lazy and only list seven of your ten reasons? 😛 Good to see you’re enjoying life, though!

  2. Supernatural is amazing. What season are you on?

  3. Fmmmmfff – you really expect your public to accept these? 🙂

  4. I hear you! My list may be different, but I have all manner of things pulling me this way and that. Join the club! It’s a big one and I suspect it’s growing… 😉

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