Michael Morey’s Hump!

by cobbies69

Sunday 12th May 2013

Michael Morey’s Hump.

Not a Forest Tale,,I.o.W one.

Michael Morey, a man who had murdered his grandson. Michael Morey was a woodsman and had never seen large amounts of money – but the boy had inherited a small sum: from whom no one is sure. But Michael Morey wanted it, he wanted it all. He did not like the idea of the boy having more than him! Should it not be that the eldest held all purse strings.

Michael Morey now in his sixties said to his grandson one day “Come and help your old granddad at his work.”

Down to the woods they went, and there Michael Morey hacked off  his grandsons head with a bill hook. Then he hacked of the boys arms and legs, stuffed them into old leather saddle bags, and hid them in the forest undergrowth.

Michael Morey may have been a greedy man, but he certainly was not a clever one, so it was not long before the law caught up  with him, and was taken to Winchester to stand trial. He was naturally found  guilty and hanged. The body was later returned to the Isle of Wight and a gibbet was erected on an old tumulus, and there the tarred corpse swing in the wind until it fell to the earth and the remains were buried in the old mound.

And should you go to the mound at midnight, and should you wish to circle it widdershins (anticlockwise) twelve times, and then call out ‘Michael Morey’ three times his ghost will then appear. Why anyone would want to do this I hazard a guess, but apparently some impressionable ghost hunters did try this in the recent times. Unfortunately no one knows what they saw, because none of them will talk about and allegedly they no longer do ghost hunting. The gibbet post is said to have used as a beam in the nearby Hare and Hounds public house, which is also supposed to be the proud owner of Michael Morey’s skull.

Pleasant story I hear you saying quietly to yourselves, and I hear the evil laugh in the distance getting closer and closer. But it is these reasons that this has survived the folklore because of the unnaturalness of a grandfather murdering his grandson. It could be though,that the location was what has kept this story alive. Michael Morey’s Hump is a Bronze age barrow, which also has Saxon remains buried in it. One day when you go there, you will however be rewarded with some wonderful sights of the eastern Wight.It is one of the singular places, and maybe the grisly story of Michael Morey has added it to the more ancient stories.

The skull that the Hare and Hounds has in it’s property is not that of Michael Morey it is far too old, and is said to come from the burial grounds.

If you get a chance to visit hen I really suggest you do, but be careful wouldn’t want you to lose your head…  😉

All info courtesy of Folk Tales by M O’leary.



thank you09



3 Responses to “Michael Morey’s Hump!”

  1. Really macabre! I wonder what that trio of ghostbusters experienced?
    Presumably Mike lived and did his grandson in on Isle of Wight?

    • Certainly is, but it seems that it is these types that makes them live in the field of tales and folklore world.. just love them my self,, and yes they were of the island. 😉 thank and welcome always..


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