Ties That Bind (Chapter Seven)

by Len


Ties That Bind

Chapter 7

Blood in the Water

Bynn made his way once again to the tethering pole, where the elves placed a boat full of goods for the trolls to take back with them. For years Bynn had wanted to fight the trolls, but knew better than to go against the highborn council. Batoonsta had informed him, with a lot of time and effort, that there were seven total trolls. One of them was always hidden in the water. The elves had to take him out first.

Bynn was responsible for that troll. He had sneaked to the troll boat, unseen and unnoticed. Vaidon and Batoonsta waited in the forest for the signal. If they could successfully destroy the entire troll force, then may just keep Silkwood from a war.

Bynn slowly drew back his bow. He was silent and steady; his skills honed over the years with Kaa in the dangerous forest. He waited until he saw an unnatural ripple in the water, and let his arrow fly. Bynn’s shot was perfect. The trolls on the small boat did not even stir. Still, the elf had to make sure that the troll did not survive. He started to make his way to the body, but the water started churning violently. Bynn knew that the blood had drawn the piranha, so he got back out of the water as quickly as possible.

The piranha disturbance alerted the trolls. Vaidon and Batoonsta charged out of the forest. The elf was much quicker than the minotaur and her footfalls much lighter. The ground seemed to shake as the minotaur thundered toward his former allies. One of the creatures looked over the side of the boat and called to his comrade. An arrow went straight through his neck in response. Bynn dropped his bow and quickly climbed on the boat with five angry trolls.

“What the…”


Bynn did not back down at all as he drew his swords; one long and one short. He put the blades into a fine display, hoping to keep their attention as his two companions approached. However, drawing the attention of five trained troll warriors was very dangerous. They had Bynn quickly on the defensive with spears, swords and even a trident. Finally, Vaidon cut one of the trolls down with her two handed sword. She had named the sword Riven, and Bynn realized how fitting that name was as he watched the creature crumple to the deck in two separate pieces.

The odds were almost even, and the trolls realized it. More elves could be pouring out of the forest at any moment. One of the creatures dropped his weapon and jumped for the safety of the water. Batoonsta caught him by the ankle just as he entered the water. He swung the troll into the side of the boat, crunching several bones. The minotaur was not done; he pounded the troll three more times before tossing him into the water for the fish.

Bynn still had his hands full with two trolls poking and prodding at him. The trident seemed to be magical. Every time Bynn parried an attack, his sword would want to stick to the three-pronged spear. The elf had to concentrate and yank his blade away or risk being disarmed. This gave the other attacking troll a distinct advantage, and Bynn had to dodge the sword instead of parrying. Vaidon was in combat with a troll carrying a spear. She was having a hard time getting close enough to do any damage. Batoonsta was trying to make his way onto the boat, but was not as agile as the elves.

The troll’s confidence was bolstered when they realized that no more elves were joining the fight. Their joy was short-lived as the minotaur climbed onto the boat. Batoonsta nudged Vaidon out of the way as the troll jabbed his spear in their direction. The great bull-headed beast stopped the momentum of the spear with one hand, and then it with his other forearm. The troll did not even have time to digest what had transpired for Vaidon’s blade sliced him from his right hip up to his left nipple.

Bynn was relieved as the last two trolls were killed by his lover and the minotaur. He was exhausted. The fight had taken all of his energy, and without help he would not have lasted much longer. “Thank. You.” He managed between heavy breaths. Bynn sheathed his swords and leaned on the rail.

“Are you alright?” Vaidon asked. She didn’t realize how draining it had been on Bynn to fight against the magic trident. Bynn just waved her concerns off and pointed at the weapon.


Batoonsta nodded and pointed at a case that was tucked away in a corner of the deck. Vaidon sheathed her sword on her back, knelt down and opened the case. She looked to her lover and smiled. Bynn took the non-verbal cue and made his way over.

“Is that…”

Batoonsta nodded and smiled. A smiling minotaur was a sight that most Delphians never got to see.

Bynn picked a beautiful bow from the case and held it up. The elf could feel the magic course through his arms and into his chest. It seemed as if the bow were made for Bynn. Batoonsta was so proud of himself for leading the elves against the trolls. Now, with magic weapons in hand, it was time to search for truth of the blood monkey attacks. The minotaur looted the trolls and threw them into the water.


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