Expanding My Consciousness – More Documentary Recommendations

by darkjade68

documentary-genreRecently I recommended a Documentary called “Earthlings“. Be warned that the content is very difficult to watch, but everything within the Film is there for a reason. There’s no intended shock value… No, it’s just shocking all by itself.

I thought I’d recommend a few other Documentaries to you, all of which are available on Netflix (Earthlings is on YouTube).


A fairly subtle, yet informative look at becoming a Vegan, based on Global effects, and Animal based reasons, as opposed to just Health.

*Also See Vegucated


A very well done look into the ‘Bullying’ Crisis that plagues are schools.

*Also See Bully (2011)






quanWhat The Bleep Do We Know?

A very fascinating look at Quantum Physics.



51nbn+kxitL._SY300_The Science Of Sex Appeal;

Once again, fascinating stuff.





I Hope you all have a Lovely Sunday


PICTURE CREDIT – Top 10 Documentaries


7 Comments to “Expanding My Consciousness – More Documentary Recommendations”

  1. I like a good documentary. Will look into these.

  2. “Happiness” is a great one, too. 🙂

  3. Funny, I saw a movie named the same last week and I noticed there was also a documentary, but haven’t watch it yet.
    The Vegan one looks cool, I loved WTBDWK. I’m half of the doc: Thrive, need to take the time to watch it further.
    I hope you’re well. I just referred someone to some of your stories today 🙂 Xo

  4. Documentaries are much more interesting than regular movies. I love foreign films, too, even with the subtitles.
    Thanks for a nice list of films I can enjoy through the summer. ~~~~ : – )

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