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June 1, 2013

Adrift – Part 4

by Gaston Prereth

They made their way through the dark catacombs of the ship’s corridors in silence. Every computer console, every light fitting, and every electric door they went past was dead. At first Jason had tried each switch and button they passed to see if he could elicit some response, but soon he realised it was futile. Something had eaten away at all of the ship’s controls. Maybe the main computer core had become infected or damaged. He wasn’t sure. He wasn’t really sure how the ship worked or had been designed, but he knew it must be something big that had caused the shipwide melt down.

They only came across one other person enroute to the hull-rail’s boarding gate. He was an elderly man, portly around the midriff with deep brown eyes that carried the troubles of life within them. His fingertips were purple, like he had jammed his hands in a doorway, and his lips were also a similar unnatural colour. He was dead.

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