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June 2, 2013

Friday Story Writer Needed

by darkjade68

94_-_simba_smilingFriday Story Writer Needed

There is no Rational Explanation as to why I Posted This Picture on the left with this Post… So don’t bother trying to Deduct one, Lol

Hey, as some of you may have noticed, Our Friday Story Writer, Terrii Wachala, has shifted into a Backup Writer Position on the Site.

And thus, Friday is Open should any of you have an ongoing Story you’d like to Post Chapters of Each Friday… Or some Stand Alone Pieces… As long as they’re Stories of Some Sort.

If you’re Interested in Becoming a “Legends Undying Writer”, either Leave a Comment Below, or E-mail us at LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com.

Or if you have any Questions Etc., Ask Away!


June 2, 2013

It Must be Summer

by Lorna's Voice
riding lawn mover

They didn’t tell us how we had to mow the lawn, just that we had to do it.

It’s that time of year again (at least where I live) when the trees are full of leaves, flowers are blooming, weeds are popping, and the grass is growing.

I used to be the one in my family to mow the lawn. Not any more. I live in a condo. Sure I pay a fee each month, but it’s worth it every time I hear those mowers buzzing by while I’m tucked comfortably in my little place, doing my little thing.

For those of you who like to mow–think of it as exercise, meditation, a chance to absorb vitamin D and carbon monoxide–I’m happy for you.  Really I am.

As for me, I did my time with an old-fashioned push mower under the guidance of my grandfather when I was a kid. He upgraded to a power push mower, then a rider. Yee-haw! I got really good. Too good. The best. The only one capable of mowing any darned lawn ever skirting a home I occupied.

Well, I’m done. I have other talents to exploit explore.

You never know what talents lie hidden in any of us if you keep us busy mowing lawns. She could be the next super model. I'm not so sure about the panda.

You never know what talents lie hidden in any of us if you keep us busy mowing lawns. He could be the next Calvin Klein model. I’m not so sure about the panda.