Friday Story Writer Needed

by darkjade68

94_-_simba_smilingFriday Story Writer Needed

There is no Rational Explanation as to why I Posted This Picture on the left with this Post… So don’t bother trying to Deduct one, Lol

Hey, as some of you may have noticed, Our Friday Story Writer, Terrii Wachala, has shifted into a Backup Writer Position on the Site.

And thus, Friday is Open should any of you have an ongoing Story you’d like to Post Chapters of Each Friday… Or some Stand Alone Pieces… As long as they’re Stories of Some Sort.

If you’re Interested in Becoming a “Legends Undying Writer”, either Leave a Comment Below, or E-mail us at LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com.

Or if you have any Questions Etc., Ask Away!



2 Comments to “Friday Story Writer Needed”

  1. Guys, this is a great way to stay motivated to write. If you are looking for some sort of accountability, this is it! I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to get on as a writer. It has truly been a blessing.

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