It Must be Summer

by Lorna's Voice
riding lawn mover

They didn’t tell us how we had to mow the lawn, just that we had to do it.

It’s that time of year again (at least where I live) when the trees are full of leaves, flowers are blooming, weeds are popping, and the grass is growing.

I used to be the one in my family to mow the lawn. Not any more. I live in a condo. Sure I pay a fee each month, but it’s worth it every time I hear those mowers buzzing by while I’m tucked comfortably in my little place, doing my little thing.

For those of you who like to mow–think of it as exercise, meditation, a chance to absorb vitamin D and carbon monoxide–I’m happy for you.  Really I am.

As for me, I did my time with an old-fashioned push mower under the guidance of my grandfather when I was a kid. He upgraded to a power push mower, then a rider. Yee-haw! I got really good. Too good. The best. The only one capable of mowing any darned lawn ever skirting a home I occupied.

Well, I’m done. I have other talents to exploit explore.

You never know what talents lie hidden in any of us if you keep us busy mowing lawns. She could be the next super model. I'm not so sure about the panda.

You never know what talents lie hidden in any of us if you keep us busy mowing lawns. He could be the next Calvin Klein model. I’m not so sure about the panda.


7 Responses to “It Must be Summer”

  1. I actually love to mow. But I’m too busy to volunteer.

  2. My old parents lawn, we once found a lost explorer,, and a herd of elephants.. 😉

    • Yeah, well, if those lawns get out of control, you never know what you might find lurking in the tall grass. We’ve had days of rain and some lawns around here look pretty wild. I don’t envy the homeowners… 😉

  3. Did that photographer Panda to his blandishments?
    In this neck of the woods, mowing lawns is still a male-dominated preserve.

  4. 🙂 I think in most places, the ritualistic mowing of the lawn is reserved for the male of the species. I would be the odd duck (or panda) who would take that duty on. But never, and I repeat, never, would I rake leaves or grass clippings!


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