Fear Not The Lazeroth

by darkjade68

A Random Wednesday Post, sorry Paige, pay it no mind


Fear Not The Lazeroth

The Lazeroth knows no Countries

Peace is within its grasp at any given moment

The Lazeroth knows not the Color of one’s Skin

It merely taps the Energy and Light within any Living thing

And Casts a Glow so Vast upon the Earth’s Landscape

That the Sky has no other choice but to watch in Awe of what it does

The Lazeroth Lifts Dreamers into the Clouds

Offering them the Opportunity to let their selves Fly

The Lazeroth mocks no one, but rather Believes that all things are Possible

It Shatters Fear, Darkness and Banishes our Inner Most Pains

The Lazeroth Sounds to be something of Divine Nature

Not because something outside of ourselves

But rather because I Deemed it so

Just as you can Deem it so

When looking upon the Borders that Bind you to something less than your Potential

Remember this

No one’s Truly watching

But you

And rather than embracing Behavior that would Hinder your Greatness

Reach out to your own hand, and pull yourself into your True Being

Everything you wanted and hoped to be

And more

The Lazeroth would Commend this

Because I deem it to be so

Let these words become your Point of Action

And your Point of Action set the stage for a life of Doing, not Waiting and/or Wondering


The Lazeroth is whatever you want it to be

A Word I’ve chosen out of my Proverbial Hat

With the sole Purpose to Inspire those thoughts and feelings that already exist within each and every one of you

That is All

Enjoy Your Wednesday



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