Allure Chapters 4-6 Review And Reply

by darkjade68

My Second Review And Reply for my upcoming Novella, “Allure”.

The Written Word

Ultimates_2_Vol_1_5_Textless“Allure” Chapters 4-6 Review And Reply

My friend Beth, who Reviews my First Draft Work, as well as doing some Line Editing, is currently working on my First Novella from my “Allure” Vampire Series.

After she sends me Reviews, I do what I call “Review And Reply” Posts, where I Post some of her Comments, and Reply to them.

Last month she sent me her Review and Line Editing for Chapters 1-3, which can be seen here – Allure Chapters 1-3 Review And Reply

She just sent me Chapters 4-6, and so I shall Post her Comments, and Reply to them.



by DarkJade

Chapter Four – The Night Will Come

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * I still like that I’m reading parts of her mother’s book at the same time. It gives added depth.

DarkJade – “Awesome.”

Beth – * I’m happy to see…

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