Happy Birthday…

by cobbies69

30th June 2013 Sunday

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One Year Old Today….

My Birthday as well.  [I am more than one year old, unfortunately.]


This was my first design of the blogpaper header.  An edited version of a real newspaper heading. But after a couple of uses I changed it to a green colour.


This one as you might see is very similar, but it does have a few small differences.  The launch and blogpaper fonts are different. But even with this one I was not happy with it. Yes it looked like a good normal newspaper heading but it was not really fully 100% mine. Yes the editing altered the original to make it mine, but the foundation was not mine. So I decided to start from scratch and came up with the design below. I do quite like it, if I say so myself.

Daily Gerald981

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The one above is my latest and now most used, it is crisp and clear, and is easily recognisable as a paper title/header. I like to use it when writing specific subjects or ideas, to make my post a little different to others. It also seems to justify the post and make it a little more believable or meaningful. I have tried to use it as a newspaper would with their articles, but actually after checking through my posts I have not used it as often as I thought. I have used it on my Writing Hell blog a few times as well, and, here on Legends Undying my Sunday guest posting. So maybe I might have to have a word with the editor and see what is going on,, is there not enough stories, I cannot believe this.  Watch this Space.


..is July 1st and is the start of July Camp- Nanowrimo, and although I have enlisted with the intention of trying to finish my story ….        

‘The Birth of the Wizard Prince’


As the day gets closer, I am not really sure about actually doing it, my mind is not fully open to this project.  When I first decided on doing it my frame of mind was completely different and prepared, but cannot be sure now.  However,  after saying this I will try to give it my best shot. After all I have completed all three of my previous attempts.

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