Allure Chapters 7-9 Review And Reply

by darkjade68

Chapter’s 7-9 Review And Reply from My upcoming Vampire Novella Series, “Allure”. Sorry for Posting on your day Paige… The rest of the day is all yours, Lol

The Written Word

thumbnail.aspxAllure Chapters 7-9 Review And Reply

Onward we go.

Beth’s Review, and My Replies, to Chapters 7-9 of the First Draft of the first of my upcoming Vampire Novella Series, “Allure”.

Here’s the Previous Reviews and Replies in case you missed them;

Allure Chapters 1-3 Review And Reply

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by DarkJade

Chapter Seven – Guest With No Breath

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * I’m glad Roy is back in the picture in this chapter. 🙂

DarkJade – “Roy’s not going anywhere, Lol He’s a natural born hunter, and he is relentless.”

Beth – * I also really like the action in this chapter.

DarkJade – “It’s one of my Favorite Chapters, and Scenes. Was kind of hoping to spook the readers a bit in this chapter. The quiet, prior to the action, yah know.”


~ What I’d Like To…

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