Disperser, The Return – Week 1 – SV-1 Continues

by disperser

And he told the crowd, ‘Behold! He has returned!’, and the crowd barely looked up.

“Did you hear me?  He-with-the-funny-name, bad attitude, and annoying prose has returned.  Rejoice!”

As a single arrow pierced his heart, a shot rang out, and a large hole appeared on his forehead.  Not that it mattered much; the sword had already separated it from his shoulder.   

. . . people around these parts don’t suffer bad news gladly.

~ ~ ~ o o o ~ ~ ~

How’s that for introducing me returning to the Monday writing duties?  

No fear, I will be doing my best to find a real writer to take over Mondays, but while the post is vacant, I will be glad to annoy, amuse, and in general make a nuisance of myself.  

With that in mind, I will continue with the SV-1 saga I started a few months ago.   Hope it meets the needs of hungry readers.



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