Water is Life

by darkjade68

Important stuff/info.

Setha Purity


It is more important than ever to be conscious of the water that we use. Water is not something that is unlimited, and we are using so much of it that it has started to become scarce in many places. We have not only abused the Earth by over-using resources that contribute to global warming, but we are also depleting the Earth of many of its resources that are necessary to not only human life, but to every living thing on the planet. We have been in “life or death” scenarios when it comes to the environment before, and we have  been able to turn it around and help ourselves. Check out this site on how Earth Day was established, and to see how much fight we can have for our planet.



I truly hope we can all pull together, and work together to help ourselves. We are a…

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3 Comments to “Water is Life”

  1. Thank you for blogging about the importance of water conservation.

  2. *cynical* Nature has ways of dealing with that. We’ll just die out for lack of the stuff, and then it’ll come back.

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