Disperser, The Return – Week 2 – SV-1 Soldiers On

by disperser

Hmmm . . . I was hoping for a few more reads, but still, this is better than the same postings on my own blog.

The first installment of SV-1 got 17 reads on my blog . . . probably because people did not know what they were getting into.

The second had 6 reads, and the last installment had 3 reads.  At this rate, I will have to give some readings back to my subscribers.

I get decent traffic on my blog (not as much as here), but it seems to be geared more toward photos than writing.

As this is primarily geared toward writing, I thought I would get a bit more traffic here.  . . . maybe it’s the wrong genre for the audience.  Or maybe people just don’t read much anymore (FSM knows I’m behind).

I’ll continue with at least one more of these as I work on writing something beyond my ability to entertain.  

For the few who are reading it . . . I give you Chapters 13-16 of SV-1.  


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