Disperser, The Return – Week 3 – SV-1 Endures

by disperser

Last week I tried a whiny, pity-inducing appeal for more readers.  This week I was planning on using threats, but apparently WordPress has some silly rules about that sort of thing.  Or maybe it’s treats; I don’t rightly remember.

Instead, per a suggestion I received, I shortened the offering from four chapters down to three.  The thinking is to hone-in on the optimal number of words required for the maximum possible readership.  

Some pessimists are suggesting somewhere between three and five words per installment, or four words, to be more precise . . . don’t know if they are serious, or they just don’t like my writing.  

I mean, it would certainly make for a lengthy serialization, but I just can’t buy into the idea it would create enough suspense to bring readers back for additional four words installments.

All I know is that I can pretty much write anything I want after the first three paragraphs, and no one will read it.  Let’s try . . . Reverence be, words together sense strung out not make mostly.  Oblong strings have period waves in excess of luminous fungus found in marshmallow people.  The net effluence is overly and curiously lacking in substance and grace, but nonetheless is included here for your perusal.

I also decided to post this during the first few minutes of Monday (local Mountain Time).  This theoretically gives me longer exposure to readers.  It sounds good in practice, but likely most readers are sleeping right now.  Oh well . . .  

 . . . I give you Chapters 17-19 of SV-1.  


2 Comments to “Disperser, The Return – Week 3 – SV-1 Endures”

  1. I feel badly that I have not read the many series offered on this site. But I subscribe to over 100 blogs and try to to read at least one post of theirs a week. When posts are more than a few 100 words, I get overwhelmed. I don’t know how other bloggers do it–I mean, keep up with their own life and writing and blogging plus attend to their blogger buddies’ posts with the attention they deserve.

    Shorter posts are welcomed (yes, I know coming from the Queen of 900+ word posts) for sure, but 5 words posts are silly. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m reaching a saturation point . . . I think I called it a few years ago; one has to decide between producing and consuming. Attempting to balance both becomes almost impossible after a relatively short time.

      There is so much great content out there, that one has no hope to either read it all, or stand out from the crowd.

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