Disperser, The Return – Week 4 – Smaller Offerings

by disperser

I’ve received feedback that I should pare down the weekly installments.  

I’m a tad dubious of the logic, but can almost see the why.  

HOWEVER . . . if youare displeased with the shorter offerings, please don’t bitch at me; go read the comments, and you will see who is to blame for this change.  I suggest all your ire be directed at him.  

Yes, yes, I am ultimately responsible for the implementation of the serialized story, but what choice did I have . . . he was the only commenter, making it a unanimous reader request.

Therefore, this week we will have one chapter only . . .  

For the few who are reading it . . . I give you Chapters 20 of SV-1.  


5 Comments to “Disperser, The Return – Week 4 – Smaller Offerings”

  1. Didn’t I suggest shorter segments? Am I imagining things again? I’ll take some of the heat!

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