Len Weatherly

by Len
Maybe One Day!

Maybe One Day!

I long to be immortalized in stone. (no, not in the gorgon Medusa way) I want people to remember me. Perhaps it will be for my writing, but more likely it will be for something far different.

My name is Len Weatherly, and I have been lucky enough to join the ranks of some fine writers here at Legends Undying. I love to write, and my stories have been trapped in my head for nearly twenty years. Now, I have an outlet to get these characters and tales down. I am currently attending the University of Southern Mississippi (to the top). I am an English Licensure major, with the hopes of teaching high school. I would like to thank my wife, Trinh, for supporting me through all of this. Without her, none of this would have been possible.

My current projects:

The Council of Therian (book 1 of 4) finished

The Oliveloft Throne (book 2 of 4)

The Dragon Hunters (book 3 of 4)

Ties That Bind (short story for Legends Undying)

Demon Wrought

Zoe and the Outcasted

The Zealot

Also I am part of a new collaborative project which will help in building friendships as well as a new world.

I love sports. Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles, Boston Celtics. I also play softball and try to run. Currently signed up for the Spartan Race.

I also like to draw, and this helps me flesh out my characters.

Come check out the Kraken’s Wake if you are interested in my world.


6 Responses to “Len Weatherly”

  1. Reblogged this on Paul Davis and commented:

    Check out Len’s work. Working with him on some projects. Brilliant man. Doing a lot of work at one time.

  2. Nice profile, Len! You are a busy, busy writer!


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